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The Top Five OMG Moments From Nevermore

by Evelyn Ulrich

Nevermore had lots of powerful moments, but there can only be five on the OMG list.  Oh, the horror!  Yet, here they are!


5. ALIE/Raven ‘corrupts‘ everyone

ALIE not only has mind-control and digital makeup, but she can also install herself inside the individual she has taken control of.  While Raven appears to spewing out bitter tea to everyone, it was actually ALIE.  She knew what everyone’s points were, and used it against them to break them down.  Just so she can her hands on the second AI.  Clarke snapped because Lexa was mentioned, Jasper had his ‘catered emotions’ thrown at him, and Bellamy was given credit for the culling, Mt. Weather, and hit hard with the recent Grounder conflict,  and his mother’s death.  I have to say, with that given treatment, I would have dismantled ALIE.  But, on the bright spot, everyone came out stronger.


4. We Survive Together 

The delinquents are back!  This is just like a wonderful reminiscence of season one, where everyone came together to find the solution.  This time, they will take down and stop ALIE from destroying the world (again).  What really intrigued this moment was when Octavia had deep doubts and a feeling of loss when she couldn’t figure out where she truly belonged.  Monty reminded her that she is one of The 100, a select group of people who do not belong to any law, to anyone, or have to fit a certain mold to be a proper asset in society.  While she didn’t accept it at first, she embraced it whole heartily when she suggests that ALIE should be ended.


3.  Raven Is Freed

To be released at last!  It was quite painful to see our Raven be controlled, and to succumb to the demands.  With the power and help of the group, and Clarke’s newly found AI knowledge, along with Sinclair’s technology, the malicious AI was extracted successfully.  No more off being controlled, or trying to control others, or sharing the dirt.  Raven is back to her sassy, princess mechanic self!


2.  Monty and His Mother

We all know that death is an ongoing occurrence on The 100.  It is a sad and cold fact, but I guess that is life.  Even though Hannah Green was on the opposing side (some of it was brainwash), and she was chipped, she was still Monty’s mother.  Remember, there are no ‘good guys,’ as they all try to do what is best for their people, sin or saint.  Nonetheless, it was still very tragic when Monty had to shoot his mother in order to save Octavia’s life.  He had no choice in the matter, but it does not ease the deed.  I am just afraid that this will place Monty in an unbearable predicament.  Life is cruel.


1.   Chemistry

Now, I am not going to make this about a ‘certain’ ship, as I have stated on numerous occasions that I am neutral when it comes to that.  However, I am not going to deny that what Bellamy and Clarke have in between them is beyond extraordinary.  They always worked well together, so well that it expands exponentially over the traditional friendship.  They have had their disagreements, but Bellamy and Clarke always find a way to make things operational.  They understand one another, sometimes feel one another’s pain, and shared the same experiences.   I personally don’t fit them in a romantic way, but I will understand that if they do blossom.  Now, I don’t want to anger those who love Lexa, as I love Lexa too, Clarke can be happy with both.



The top five OMG moments from Nevermore!  Now, the real question is, what will be chosen for Demons?  You have to come back and see!

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