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The 100 Demons Review

by Evelyn Ulrich

The review is up for Demons, and I think that it is one of the best that I have done.  But, you can be the judge of that.


The 100 Demons Review


Aired: April 21, 2016

Evelyn Ulrich


I am in a tragic twist of unbearable feels at the moment.  I am happy, I am depressed, I am feared, I am pissed, and I am hurt.  I felt like I have been “demonized.”  Ignore the pun if you will.  What do you call a specific group of emotions?  Messed up?  Yes.  That sounds about right.  For the majority, Demons streamed greatly like its predecessors.  It was haunting, joyous, momentous, and provided closure.

The episode starts off with Miller telling a spook story with Harper and his boyfriend Bryan in the cave. And he is doing a pretty good job of keeping them entertained.  Yet, the real terror is when Miller leaves to descend out to nature duty, and missing his absence is Bryan and Harper.  So, Bryan decided to kick his boyfriend’s ass, and go get him.  When he goes missing, Harper takes a deep sigh, and says, “This isn’t funny anymore.”  Damn right it is not funny when you have the makings of a horror flick.  Harper goes after them, but she leaves out a scream that can shatter glass and your soul!  Turns out, there is someone lurking around, as if Miller’s tale came to life.  Yet, who is it?

The delinquents and Sinclair are in the Rover, with Bellamy driving, and Clarke riding shotgun.  In the back, Raven and the others are trying to figure out how to corrupt ALIE, the history of how and why she was created, and the purpose of ALIE 2.0.  As they arrive back in Arkadia, the power’s out, and Clarke assesses that it looks like a “ghost town.”  Octavia sees the spot where Lincoln passed, but she keeps her grief bottled, and continues the task of retrieving Lincoln’s journal.  From there, things went from being suspicious to damn right frightening.  Octavia smells Lincoln’s jacket, and oh, it is a very heart found, and tremulous moment.  Jasper assure her that it will get better, but Octavia snaps at him and saying that this is different.  Then, she finds Lincoln’s journal, and flips through the pages, and lands on the map to find Luna.  Now, to the frightening part:  Jasper, who was keeping watch in the hall, just comes in and lands to the floor unconscious.  As Octavia checks him over, the masked stranger appears again, and has our little warrior in a death grip.  Yikes!

Raven, Monty, Clarke, and Sinclair are trying to activate ALIE 2.0, without the Nightblood.  As it turns out, it can be done with a Latin phrase.  Clarke first tries “Jus drein, jus draun” as it was Lexa’s often saying.  Doesn’t work, so after a few tries of speaking Latin phrases (By the way, I love impressed Monty), Sinclair tries a simpler breakdown to “Seek Higher Things”, and it works.  Little did I know that this will be very important later on.  The chip looks like a spider when “alive.”  It acts like one too because it crawls in and out of your head.  Yet, this was one of the few happy moments in Demons, and I was loving a particular “father/daughter” relationship.

Clarke and Monty are stepping through the isolated halls, following creepy children’s’ music that leads them to an antique carousel music box.  Rule number one: Never follow creepy music when you are in an abandoned complex or structure, with the lights out.  Yet, I have to remind myself that they are still “teenagers” so there will be some ground for errors.  We all been there.  Anyways, the hall is gassed, and Clarke sees a figure and fights.  She plays “Sleeping Beauty” as the gas makes you comatose, and reveals the figure who is all haunting them to death.  It is Emerson!  He has been taking the crew one by one and keeping them in an airlock chamber as “bait” so that he can get his revenge on Clarke. But, that is not the evilest thing that he has done just yet.  I am not sure that I can articulate it without the tears, but here goes.

Raven and Sinclair are in the hatchway, and when they hear of Emerson, they try to lock the doors, but Emerson has cut the power, so Sinclair has to do it manually.  But, unfortunately, Emerson got in and just fights him.  Raven is safe in the Rover for now, but when the outer doors open again, she sees that Sinclair is fatally wounded.  At this point, I am screaming, swearing, and in tears because I have loved Sinclair since season one, and he became one of my favorite characters.  I love the dynamic he and Raven had, and believe it or not, he was only one of two people who did not kill anyone.  The other being Wells.  Raven is in hysterics, and Sinclair passes away in her arms.  Okay, Emerson, now you really done it.  You struck on a very personal level.  I don’t care what your reasoning is, but Sinclair did not have to die!  To make this a little bit better for my mind, I have to believe that he died protecting his daughter, and her friends.  Lindsey Morgan has a theory that Sinclair might be her father, and so do I.  How can you not see this?  I hope that the theory is true, and it will make the healing process a little easier.   One of the most thieving and spiteful things you can do is rip away a parent from their child.  Especially, when this was beautifully created, and felt so real.  Also, Sinclair was too good for Arkadia, and he deserved better then what he was given.  I understand that this is a survival show, and no one is guaranteed a free pass to eternity.  Yet, it hurts like hell.  I will never get used to the idea of death.

So, Bellamy (If Bellamy dies, then that will be over the top for me) is thrown into the airlock with Octavia and the others.  Clarke is willing to sacrifice herself in exchange for her friends.  Emerson does not agree to this, and he plans to kill them off for the losses that he endured.  Emerson is a complexed man, and this is why he makes a good villain, but he seriously did not need to go this far.  What does he do next?  Well, he vents the oxygen out of the airlock, and now the ‘quents are gasping for breath as it is sucked out of their lungs at a rapid speed.  There is a touching moment between Bellamy and his sister as he mouths “I love you” to her like this was their end.  Another “break my heart” passage!  Then, Emerson makes the second mistake (He should know just how brilliant and hard Clarke is by now) and gets behind her.  Well, she breaks down his guard again, and activates the ALIE 2.  It climbs into the back of his neck and kills him.  It was pretty satisfactory for me, but death does not bring life back.  But, as I said prior, Sinclair did die saving everyone with the phrase.  Clarke releases her friends and they have a proper funeral for Lincoln (Ricky Whittle made his last appearance), and Sinclair.  It is in Grounder tradition of burning the bodies, and everyone is gathered around.  Yu gonpei ste oden, Sinclair and Lincoln.

After the funeral, Bellamy and the kids are ready to leave to search for Luna.  Monty, Raven, Miller, Bryan, and Harper are going to stay behind in case the chipped Arkadians come back.  In addition, Raven’s brain is all kinds of awesome as she remembers that ALIE had a backup of the AI coding in the systems, and that will advance in the goal of deactivation.

In Polis, Murphy and Emori are reunited at the Polis village, and they are elated.  Well, Ontari sees Emori, but does not connect the two are a thing, and orders him to go with her.  Later on, Murphy is back with Emori, and they sneak off into the room of Past Commanders.  She is enamored with some of the tech, and when Murphy tells her about Bekka Pramheda, the first Commander.  Again, Emori is intrigued, (I have been hearing/reading theories that she may be Luna), and Murphy finds it a little preposterous.  Then, they got their “kinks” on, and it is a good thing.  It also does not surprise her that he is the false Flame Keeper, and that Ontari has a strong liking to him.

Then, in the Commander’s Throne room, Ontari has a new visitor, and it is Jaha.  Well, he and Emori (She took the Key!) successfully convinced the fake Commander that she can enhance her reign by getting others to join in the City of Light.  Despite Murphy’s pleas on how the two are lying, Ontari does not trust him, and has him locked up.   Oh, Murphy, can’t catch a break.

So, that wraps up the review for Demons.  Here is quick overview:


  • This episode was reflective of childhood ‘horror tv shows’. One is such Are You Afraid Of The Dark?, in relation to the story-telling around the campfire.
  • We all had a fear that one of the main characters would perish with Emerson’s hostage situation. Yet, we lost Emerson (kind of a cool death), and Sinclair (not so cool).
  • I strongly suspect that Sinclair is Raven’s father, and hopefully, there will be closure for that.
  • There was lots of nonchalant Bellamy and Clarke interplay, but they are wonderful working together.
  • Those who have the “Nightblood”, the AI enhances them, those without, it kills them.

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