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Nevermore Review

by Evelyn Ulrich

Thank you for being patient with me, as the review is a little late as I usually have them done within hours after the live airing.  But, work happened.  And, you know how that goes!


The 100 Nevermore Review

We Are The 100


Aired: April 14th, 2016

Evelyn Ulrich


Nevermore, I must confess has to be one of my favorite episodes this season.  The sheer brilliancy of the storyline, acting, and thoroughness made that little edge that I always have whilst watching, made it even stronger.  It also made headway of some very powerful performances by the cast.

As we all know by now, Raven is possessed by the computer virus, ALIE, and it is a fight against time as the dear old delinquent gang and Sinclair try their hardest to help Raven out.  By no means, this is no easy task, as they had to tie her to Niylah’s bed, and to make things even more distraught, Raven (ALIE) spills unfortunate, hmm, what would you call these?  I am going go with guilt trips, as they do bring out the individuals’ doings.  Jasper has his PTSD sufferings thrown at him.  Bellamy got his past wrong doings, and Clarke was thrown in the flames about her father, her mother, Charlotte, what happened on the ground, and Lexa.  Just hearing Lexa (as a heroic symbol, not orientation), made the tears well up in my eyes.  And it really didn’t help that much when Clarke screamed out her name when Jasper held up the chip.  Yet, what I am gathering about the second AI chip, is that it enhances the individual’s personality, and they are not exactly inside of it. Otherwise, when the new commander (dear God, it better not be Ontari), and has to get the ascension, they would be the same person technically.  Just a thought, but it does seem feasible.

One of the most sensational pieces of the episode was the deep caring of Sinclair and his (disclosed love) for Raven.  He is truly like a father to her, and I personally believe that he is her biological father, but he could not come forward with her about it prior due to the strict ARK laws, and maybe that she was born out of wedlock.  Plus, let’s assume that Sinclair was married when he had the affair, and would have been floated if the infidelity was discovered.  But, now since they are on the ground, and he and Raven had a large amount of screen time this season, this theory could be plausible.  If Sinclair would come forward, now would be the best opportunity. Furthermore, Sinclair executed true fear to Clarke that he might lose Raven in case the EMP fails, and she cried out to him when the gang was hooking her up to the machine (the car battery worked) with the vital wristband.  There is no denying the fact that these two have something special between them, and to be honest, it insinuates my bones to feel it.  Hence, my theory about Sinclair being Raven’s father.  Keep in mind, that this is only a theory, and must be treated as such.

For Octavia, not feeling where you belong and questioning when you do fit in is relatable.  I think that every human being feels this way.  But, Monty points out that she is one of The 100, and to further elaborate this, he does the unthinkable to save her life.  I am not going to bring up what he had to do, but trust me, it is heartbreaking.  Monty is now very upset with his deed, but Octavia reminds him that it was not her, but the AI.  Still, it does not ease the pain, and my fear is that Monty will never fully recover from this illusive act.  If it is any consolation, Monty didn’t have much of a choice here.  Yet, it will haunt him though.

Although that I am a ‘ship neutralist,’ I am not going to deny that there is chemistry (you decide on that one) between Clarke and Bellamy.  They are the original leaders of The 100, and big crap happens when they group is separated.  When the group is banded, along with the tech savvy Sinclair (the man is under-appreciated), they are pure magic, they get to the very rock bottom of things.  Even though the task was tedious and struggling to get the AI out of Raven, it was succeeded due to great teamwork, and Raven is now back to her sassy self.  Call me creepy, but I am fascinated by how the AI is inserted and removed, and how one tiny piece of advanced technology can totally transform you.  Back to Bellamy and Clarke.  What they have is something very unique, and they understand each other’s pain.  I am not saying that Lexa understood, but in season two, she knew that there was a special bond between the two of them.  It’s a friendship that is buried deep down in the roots.  I am satisfied with that, and if any romance happens with any of the characters on the show, along with Miller and Bryan, then I can safely say that I will support them, unless it is a bad relationship.

The ending was way awesome, and reminded me so much of the first season.  No adults, just The 100 gang trying to survive and problem solve together.  So, Octavia, knowing now that she is part of this exclusive group, suggests that they all should end (can you kill a hologram/computer virus?) and they all agree on it.  Now, this is what The 100 is all about!

Not to mention, everyone’s acting and performance (especially Lindsey), were off the charts in Nevermore.  I believe that they all deserve a Primetime Emmy.

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