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Just An Update

by Evelyn Ulrich

Hello everyone!

As you probably know, or for those that don’t, my wifi has been down and corrupted for the past week. and thus it led to a virus to my main computer. At the moment. I am currently at Best Buy, updating on one of the floor models.  My laptop will be gone for two days as it is getting fixed.

So, I will be making updates when I can on my tablet this weekend, and come Monday, a volcanic eruption of cool new stuff will be on!  It will definitely be a workload, but I am looking forward to it!  Trust me, I am very frustrated, as I stated prior, Grounders Source is one of my big passions in life, and I am beyond grateful that I have this fantastic opportunity.  Although, the current events in the show have left me a little broken, as they have for the majority of us.  But, no one is safe.

Thank you for all the wonderful support and love, as I am highly appreciative for that.  You can always get ahold of me on Twitter, or send an email at evelynulrich@grounderssource.com for anything, or your concerns.  Again, thank you my lovely lovelies! 



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