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The 100 Season Finale Teaser

by Evelyn Ulrich

With only four episodes left this season (RIP Sinclair, Lexa, Lincoln, Gina, and my mind), the finale is quickly upon us.  From what we heard, it is not going to be smooth, but fearful.  Here is a little teaser of what *may* happen.

Via TV Line

PRE-FINALE: As we approach the CW drama’s May 19 season finale, Clarke & Co.’s mission to stop the growing A.I. threat will lead to all-out war against Alie and her army. Meanwhile, Kane reaches his breaking point, Murphy takes extreme measures to ensure his own survival and Octavia continues to make sense of Lincoln’s death. (Bonus scoop: the April 28 episode, “Join or Die,” introduces a new group of grounders… in an unexpected location.)

Sounds pretty brutal, but this season was a true test of emotion and surviving, not to mention the different angles of PTSD.


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