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The Top Five OMG Moments From Thirteen

by Evelyn Ulrich

Thirteen answered some tough questions, but also smashed a few hearts.  It was a gorgeously choreographed episode, with sensational performances that deserve every award.

Yet, there were some scenes in the episode that stood out.  Here are Thirteen‘s top five ‘OMG’ moments!

*If certain scenes will trigger, then please refrain from continuing.*

5.  How the Apocalypse Occurred

From the very first episode of season one (everything was just so innocent), we were curious to find out how exactly the apocalypse happened 97 years prior and why.  In a flashback back to the ARK, a doctor (Becca) who identically resembles the AI, A.L.I.E. created the AI, plus, a second version of her.  However, A.L.I.E hacked into several launch codes that released the deadly nuclear bombs.  All attempts to stop A.L.I.E and to ‘decode and kill‘ her failed.  Those who were lucky enough got onto the ARK before the bombs hit.



4.  The Mystery of the Night Bloods

In Watch the Thrones, we seen the black blood drip from Ontari onto Clarke’s face.  Lexa then explained that Night Blood dates back to the first commander, and those with it arrive to Poils for Novitiate training.  In Thirteen, the root of the reigned blood was discovered. Becca injected it into her vein, as it probably has radiation tolerant properties, so she wouldn’t be burned alive when she dropped on earth.  Since, then we had ninety-seven years of commanders.




3.  The Spirit of the Commander

When the current Commander passes, the spirit of her/him reincarnates into the next.  The ‘spirit‘ or should I say, the second AI is removed from the back of the neck, and will implant into the next.  Becca was the first commander, and she herself implanted the chip in the back of her neck.  The ‘Flamekeeper‘ is responsible that the chip is removed right after death to ensure that the new Commander will be chosen in the shortest time possible at the Conclave. Yet, only those who possess the Night Blood will be eligible.




2.  The Love Scene

Romance is not the pivot point on The 100, and perhaps, it will never will be.  Yet, the chemistry between Clarke and Lexa was undeniable and wonderful.  Lexa respected Clarke’s decision to leave Polis to go back to her people, but was unsure of where Clarke stood for her feelings for her.  Clarke, unknowing if she will see the Commander again, expressed deep passion.  Now, I am not going in detail about it, as I am afraid writing won’t do the magnificent scene justice, and may spoil it.  I assure that it was just that: magnificent, and very heartfelt.




1. Long Live Heda

Although that it was hinting that Lexa will be gone this season, I was still not prepared.  Her passing was quick, and Clarke doing everything that she can was fruitless.  Lexa, with her caring, but strict and tranquil ways, is gone.  I necessarily did not like it, but again, I don’t like any deaths.  Yet, bear in mind, that on The 100 that no one is safe, and there is no bad or good.  Life is just like that, we do not know what the next day will bring, and our life can be cut unexpectedly short.  No matter who or what you are, or what you done in this world.  With the lessons and love, and confidence that Lexa given you, keep them close to your hearts. Be kind, be supportive, be accepting, and most importantly, love yourself and just be you.  She would want you to live, and remember that she will always be with you.




That is it for Thirteen’s Top Five!

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