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The Top Five OMG Moments From Bitter Harvest

by Evelyn Ulrich

I swear, that these heart palpitating moments every week get more tense. My theory is that life is going to slap you in the face, but then you fight back and move on.


However, Face slapping and fighting back are always going the core elements on The 100.  Here are the top five ‘OMG’s‘ from Bitter Harvest!



5.  Polis Is NOT Where We Originally Thought

It was only naturally and made sense to determine that the Grounder capital, Polis was once the city where the major US naval base was located, Annapolis.  It would be coherent to believe this because TonDC, the now demolished Grounder village (Thank you Mt. Weather), was Washington DC.  However, our thoughts and beliefs quickly dropped about Polis.  The capital was actually named after the the blown thirteenth station of the ARK, Polaris.  This was affirmed by the pod that was part of the station inside Lexa’s tower.  Due to age disintegration, the ‘a’ ad ‘i’ faded. Now, that has been cleared up, we are yet to learn about the doomed thirteenth station.



4.  Clarke Allows Emerson To Live

Despite what Emerson had done at Mt. Weather, and primarily caused its meltdown, with the aide of Azgeda, Clarke decided that death was not going to be his fate.  Instead, Lexa banishes him from her land.  Clarke’s reasoning of not executing Emerson is clear.  She would not be killing him for his actions, but hers.  Not only that, it might be that she wants to shed the Wanheda persona.  She wants to prove that violence is not the only justifiable way, and might lead into more dangerous prospects.  In addition, Lexa wants a better future for her people.  One that the children can flourish without the ever present shadow of death.



3.  Abby Consoles Kane

This has to be one of the sweeter moments of Bitter Harvest.  It is quite obvious that there is chemistry and attraction rising between Abby and Kane.  When Kane is feeling down in the dumps and guilt-ridden about the whole ordeal between Pike and the Grounders that he thought he allowed to happen, Abby is right there offering words of encouragement and consultation.  Then, she bends down and kisses him on the cheek.  Oh, darn it!  My heart does the feels!  This could only indicate that this little kiss can become something more.  We need a little light in the dark shadows.




2.  Bellamy’s Very Gradually Chipping Away

I do not know about you, but in my mind, I am slowly seeing Bellamy redeeming.  Maybe it is strong hope, but you can’t deny that he felt horrible when Monroe passed, or trying to talk Pike out of invading Sector Four for crops.  Part of me wants to believe that 98% of his doings are controlled by Pike, and if he disobeys him, then he will die.  It is a pretty logical theory, and again, I hope that I am correct.  The other 2% is that Bellamy has done ‘idiotic‘ things in the past (S1 ring a bell?), so as a long-time viewer, (you can laugh at my prehistoric age, I won’t blame you), I can understand his psychological snap.  Yet, he did go through redemption, and I bet that he will be redeemed again.  But, without passing out spoilers, I am afraid that Bellamy will suffer even more, almost hitting rock bottom before he can breath once again.




1.  The Death Of Monroe

Who else did not burst into tears over Monroe’s death?  Monroe was tough, but also very sweet.  She was always did the right thing, in my opinion, and inspired others to follow.  I am reflecting back to when Sterling passed whilst saving his friend, she convinced Bellamy, Finn, and Murphy (all men by the way), to continue on his deed.  Prior, in We Are Grounders Part Two, Monroe decided to back away from shooting, because it was just to stressing.  It was also very adorable to she her blossoming friendship with Harper, and I think that would have been something great.  It was just too sad that we only learned her first name in Bitter Harvest, and that she was indirectly killed by Pike.  True, she was killed by the mustard gas from the Grounders, but if it wasn’t for Pike and his obsessive need to end all Grounders (which is impossible, but don’t tell Pike that), Monroe and the others would have stayed cleared, and she would still be alive.  Rest in peace, Zoë Monroe.  May we meet again.



What will be the top five ‘omg’s‘ for Thirteen?  Come back to find out what they are!  The gifs are made by me, so feel free to use them!

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