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The 100 Terms and Conditions Recap-Review

by Evelyn Ulrich

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The 100 Terms and Conditions Recap-Review

Choose The Side That is Best For Your People


Aired: March 10th 2016

Evelyn Ulrich


We are back in Arkadia this week and the tensions between sides are ever hauling and tight.   It was quite an interplay of characters as they discover who is really an issue.  The beauty of this episode was the shadowing redemption of Bellamy, and the compelling relationship between him and Kane.  If you think about it (longtime viewer here), Bellamy was also redeeming himself in the eighth episode of season one, Daytrip.  I realized this as I rewatched Terms, and observed Bell’s character arc to write this review.  By the way, lets continue.

As much as I loved every gripping episode this season, I was pulled in, I mean really pulled in for this one.  Maybe it was because I wanted to see the drama deliver itself under a dictator for a chancellor, Bellamy’s wake-up point, Kane’s desire to overpower Pike, or Raven’s cry for help.  I can’t decide, but to be honest, I never could.  Well, first off, my first reaction through the hour, was that Pike should be thrown or gave himself up to the Grounders.  Or that someone shot him.  How long will his reign stitch on?  Plus, a lot of problems will be solved.

Pike, at least to me is very slowly his power, and this is very apparent.  In the beginning of the episode, Bellamy broke his order to stand back, and shot the two Grounders after were explaining the blockage.  Another example is when Kane overpowered Pike, and attempted to bring him to the Grounders, using treason to accomplish this.  Unfortunately, the plan failed.  And Kane was ordered to be executed for a line of crimes that were designed to protect Arkadia, and to save people from Pike.  Plus, the sheer fact that the resistance riot went undetected by him, just proves that he is not correct for the delicate, yet rightful job of chancellor.  Oh, trust me, I relished this, because if Pike did notice it, then it would have been kill orders all around, and all would be dead.  Not a good thing.  (No one died tonight.)

As I addressed prior on numinous occasions, Sinclair, who is the chief engineer in Arkadia, Raven’s ‘father’ figure, and all around cool guy, is my favorite recurring character (next to Lexa), because he is loyal to what is right.  So, for me, it was a real treat to see Sinclair resisting and being part of the rebellion.  The way that he explained the rationing of food and liquid to Jasper was funny, but to the point. Although Bellamy was a total ass to him (Why do you make it hard to side The 100 writers?), arresting him, and handing him over to Pike, the performances executed between Bob Morley and Alessandro Juliani was phenomenal.   Juliani neutralized Morley’s anger, thus I believe that this one of the turning points to Bellamy’s redemption.  This is remarkable, how just certain actions can flip the switch.  Even when Sinclair was being questioned, Bellamy’s eyes were in tears, but being one who is stoic and raw, he tries to hide them.  He is realizing that being influenced and Pike is a mistake.  This is his wake up call, and he is finally seeing the light.  Now, when Kane’s verdict was given, Bellamy was in tears again, as he washes Kane’s lectures over him, and now he knows that this is wrong.  Glad to see the old Bell back!  And, by the way Pike, engineers don’t always take pride in their work.  They do what needs to be corrected, and fix the next thing.  Making sure that Arkadia stays in full power (electronically and data-wise), is crucial and critical, and there is no time for pride. To be deep in my analysis, I believe that Sinclair is the one who truly kept them alive.

Kane, who went from being that jerk on the ARK, to being the savior of Arkadia.  He never let down, nor gave up the resistance, and has even has cross the line of when not to follow the law.  So, he committed treason, attempted kidnapping, and attempted murder, but to save everyone from Pike.  However, the circumstances after are not so reassuring.

Everyone was fearing that Lincoln was going to decease tonight, and I rest assure you, he did not.  Lincoln has been dimmed, but as part of being in a large ensemble cast, and for the story to be angled on all spectrums, it is understandable.  True, it is unfair, but his presence tonight was palpable, and exact.  I believe for sure that when I judged the outcome of the trailer (never judging again!), that he was going to murder Sinclair.  Then, my initial reaction to this would not have been appropriate to display on social media, and this piece.  Yes, I would have been that angry.  But, I took a very collective sigh of relief when I figured out that Lincoln fighting Sinclair was part of the rebellion riot, a distraction so that Kane can carry out his mission to overthrow Pike.  Yet, it looked so honest, but again, I should never let my mind do sidestepping when it comes to this show.  As Lincoln was fighting guards and Arkers, being shock-lashed, and bruised, he glimpses over at Bellamy, and in his eyes, he appears that he is viewing the true and heroic nature of his soul.  That Lincoln also knows that Bellamy is essentially the ‘key’ to end all of this madness.  Just like Kane pointed out to Abby.  I know that there is a lot of focus on Bellamy, but his redemption and snapping out, is core to us.  We all know that Bellamy is one who will do right with his people, and turning against his own simply would not be acceptable.  As I recall, in We Are Grounders Part One, in season one, Bellamy told Jasper that we don’t abandon our own.  I believe that Bellamy has this locked in his soul, and with reality hitting him, it is more powerful and important than before.  He knows now that wrong has been unfolded, and now, hopefully (I can’t jump), the right will be done.  Yes, I know that he murdered 299 Grounders, and unintentionally caused the cauling,  but you do have to realize that brainwash, trauma, and battle whether it’s ally or enemy are integral elements of war.  I can bring up a thousand and one historical and genetic references to make this statement correct, and solidified, but that will deter and throw this off-course.   In addition, The 100 has to address war in such a way so that all perspectives are explored.  That what we must do to prevent such a fate.   It is not a glorious outlook, but necessary to our wellbeing.  I also believe that Bellamy deeply regrets his part on the genocide, otherwise he would not be redeeming.  He has finally opened his eyes to what is going on around him, and when Monty’s mother compliments them for his and Monty’s ‘great job’ and that she is ‘proud of them,’ both of the men seem to cringe.  Is Monty finally turning on his mother?  No offense, Monty, but not all mothers are right at times.

LGBT has still a strong representation on The 100, even though we lost Lexa (Long live Heda) last week, and fans are hurt by this.   I understand, but we still have two openly gay men in a relationship, and an openly bisexual woman as the lead.  Thus, it opens the doors on many levels.  Many possibilities.  Although I myself don’t think of it as a trait, as I accept people for WHO they truly are as a person.  With that being said, I was applauding and awing Miller and his boyfriend Bryan their undivided love for one another.  They are on opposing sides, but surely a love like theirs can overcome this hurdle.  Near the end of the episode, Bryan realizes that Pike is a mistake, and joins Miller in the rebellion.  Way to go, dude!

I want to signify Lindsey Morgan’s deliverance in Terms and Conditions, not to mention her dynamic reality check.  Finn was brought up an unprecedented amount, first with Pike, and Raven completely forgets about him.  I have to admit, that the reminder of Finn this season made me grieve all over again.  Well, Raven grasps that her forgetfulness of the boy who was her first love and family is a serious side effect of entering the City of Light.  Although that recruiting Jasper (He reflected memories back on the ARK while he was with Monty, while trying to access the numeric code.  Aww!) to retrieve the forbidden chip maker proved successful to give to A.L.I.E, Raven is now telling Jasper to keep it away from her.  She realizes that this silicon based woman is trying to devastate humanity (again), and must be stopped.  Of course, A.L.I.E was not expecting this turn as everyone follows and listens to her.  So, naturally, she is shocked.  Yet, people are much more intelligent then machine.  So, what does A.L.I.E have to do, along with drug-dealer Jaha to bring Raven back in their whelms?  For the sake that is all high and mighty (no pun intended), they better back off.  Knowing Raven, and I do, she will make A.L.I.E go boom!  As we all know by now, the second A.I. is not in the ocean, but it has a completely different purpose.

Harper was right on cue, and this was one of the highlights.  I cannot wait to see more of her!  Only one question remains, where was Abby in all of this?  She missed a great showdown!

That wraps it for Terms and Conditions!  As the small hiatus continues until the 31st, my reviews will start again when The 100 Stealing Fire airs.


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