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The 100 Stealing Fire Promotional Trailer

by Evelyn Ulrich

The 100 Stealing Fire trailer is here!  Yet, it will be on in three weeks after the ‘short’ hiatus.  During which I will be adding some neat features to the site, and updating.  One thing that will keep me not going insane.


Enjoy, and always, analysis-reaction will follow!





Just the ‘execution‘ line alone just concerns me, and I hope that Bellamy and the others saves them.  This should not be happening at all.  Should the new life on the world, be, dare I say, a new beginning and hope?  Should it not be a refresh from the old?  Or are we just naive and contradicting, and have to live by the rules that we were ingrained with, and are unethical?

The 100 Stealing Fire (What a cool title), will air March 31st on the CW.  Follow Grounders Source on Twitter, and like at Facebook.com/grounderssource.

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