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Watch the Thrones Advanced Preview With Daialogue

by Evelyn Ulrich

As you probably know (and if you do not, that is okay),  I normally do not post others’ works.  However, in this case, I made an exception to the rule.  The piece itself was so remarkable, and affluent, that I just felt that it had to be on Grounders Source.  I will source it of course, as I have respect for fellow writers.


The article is from Spoiler TV and written by Pablo.  Be aware though that it contains massive spoilers and tidbits!

Via Spoiler TV

Watch the Thrones Advance Preview Piece

If there was a word to describe this episode of The 100 I think it would be “fall out”. This episode is all about the consequences of what we have seen so far during the season and how conflicts arise because of it. In three episodes, The 100 has delivered all kinds of development and now we see very clearly which direction the show is moving towards and what we can expect from here onward.

I don’t think we’ve ever seen the sky people as divided as we see them in this episode: they are all scattered, dealing with the events that follows the destruction of Mt Weather and what it means being the 13th clan. Not everyone is happy to be part of the Grounders, especially considering that so many people were murdered by them. Even when the last attack can be easily be pointed towards the Ice Nation, the root of the conflict with the Grounders is something deep that goes as back as season one.

This is the last “build up” episode, the last “set up” even when the episode per se is not either of those things: so far the season has been reshaping the world to tell a new story, and now we see the story ready to unfold. That’s why the episode can be summed up with the word “fall out”, because the conflicts finally rise up from what has been slowly burning on the background, what has been constructed through these episodes.

The main conflict of the episode is Ice Nation vs Lexa and it is one that develops in a sublime way. I think no The 100 fan will be disappointed by the way the episode develops this power struggle and its impressive resolution. It certainly has a Game of Thrones vibe, mixed with a fight and stunt work that can match the likes of Arrow and Daredevil. At these moments I wonder if The 100 budget went up this year; the stunt coordination has always been strong on The 100, but the fight on this episode is all levels of epic-ness, and it is mixed with incredible character development: it’s not violence for the sake of violence, it has a reason and it resonates with the characters which makes it all the more meaningful.

Also, watch out for Clarke’s moves: she has learned how to make effective power plays and we’ll see how she does it and what the results are. Effective or not, it will certainly be interesting to viewers and it’s a testament of how much the character has grown over time.

One thing I love about this episode is how Bob Morley brings out his acting chops: during season 1 I deemed his character work Emmy worth, during season two he had much less to do even when he still put an amazing performance. It’s great for me to see that he has more to do now, just like it was back on season one. Morley is putting so much work into Bellamy in this episode, which is perhaps one of his best performances to date. By playing guilt and grief over what happened on Mt Weather, Bob Morley brings out a whole spectrum of emotions to Bellamy with magnificent grace, showcasing authenticity in every bit he plays. When he cries, it feels truthful, when he gets angry, it feels honest, when he is hardened, it feels strong. If there was ever a doubt that Morley was one of the biggest assets of the show, this episode puts aside any doubt.

There is also a much needed confrontation between Monty and Jasper: not everything is solved, but it’s an important step forward. We all know Jasper has been difficult, but we also know there is a reason to it, and the episode makes sure to treat this storyline in a way that is not annoying and helps Jasper carry own with his grief a little bit. Their shared scene ought to be a popular pick on this week’s favorite scene poll.

Octavia doesn’t have it easy either: being the link between Grounders and Sky Crew during this time of intense tension brings her nothing but trouble. One has to wonder, where she’ll end up? She certainly wants to bring both sides together, yet it seems the situation will make her choose one side over the other and this episode pretty much says which one she’ll end up once all hell breaks loose. The same rings true for Lincon, which is having a rough time as well being “the good grounder” among the tension that rises after the attack on Mt Weather.

Abby and Kane have trouble handling the frustration of their people: they want to do everything in their power to maintain peace, but they’ll see that it is hard when they have so many people angry, and one important player will only make things worse for them.

This is an action packaged, tense episode of The 100: it keeps up the character work and develops the story. By the final minutes nothing will be the same. As always with this show, peace is only temporary, but war doesn’t come randomly: it comes out of grief, pain, desires of vengeance and personal gain, but most importantly it comes because of the complex humanity all the characters have and that’s why this show is so great and so relevant in a world in which war is always at the verge of striking.

Some other teases:

• Pike gets more screen time and his character’s motivation are really clear. Even if you disagree with him, I think he makes a very sympathetic character. Complex, with a mixture of kindness and ruthlessness that makes him an amazing character.

• There is a memorial for those who passed during the Mt Weather attack. It’s a small scene, but it’s moving.

• There’s a callback to Finn that’s rather sad.

• I think Clexa fans will go crazy with this episode. Just saying…

• Characters we don’t see much this week: Jaha and Murphy. The City of Light plot will not be seen up until next week. Also, there’s no much Raven, which is always sad.

Dialogue Teases

1.”I accept your challenge.”
2. “No one fights for me.”
3. “If we don’t defend ourselves they’ll take what we have, that’s what they do!”
4. “May we meet again.”
5. “Angry is our policy!”
6. “My priority is with the living, not the dead.”
7. “I won’t just sit there and watch you die.”

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