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The Top Five ‘OMG’ Moments From Hakeldama

by Evelyn Ulrich

So far, we have seen quite a bit of events, to say the least this season, and the shocks and quivers keep on coming!


Here are the top five ‘OMGs’ from The 100’sHakeldama!’





5.  A.L.I.E Enters Arkadia

A.L.I.E has arrived at Arkadia with Jaha, who is trying to persuade citizens to enter the City of Light.  But, his effectiveness falls on the faces of skepticism, especially Abby’s, Kane’s, and Pike’s.  A world free of mental and physical pain, and all that you need to do is consume a little blue chip.  However, besides the pain free part, hallucinations, possible traumatic flashbacks, and high oblivion are also strong characteristics.  It is yet to be determined if it is a cult, or something much more deeper.  When people enter the City, they are possibly reunited with the loss.  I have a feeling that A.L.I.E has more control and knowledge then we know.


4.  Raven Cracks Under Pressure 

Raven has always been known to push herself to the limit, and with her disability now hindering her, she begins to feel self-pity.  Raven is used to being free, in charge, and undefined.  She has suffered through so much, and it is heartbreaking to see her her in more pain.  She doesn’t want to accept the fact that her leg will not recover, and is distressed that she has to take medial jobs instead of doing her usual high tech mechanical ones. Believing that she will not do any better, and can no longer wants to cope with her pain, Raven decides to take the chip that Jaha offered to her prior.  Instantly, she feels its effects, and she is free of her pain.  Yet, I am afraid that A.L.I.E will have ‘other‘ assignments for Raven.



3.  Blood Must NOT Have Blood

Lexa is going to give peace another approach after the massacre led by Pike.  Her people have been holding violence and war as their legacy, but now, the Commander feels that another massacre for retaliation should not be done.  True, Clarke has influenced her decision, but at the same token, Lexa was all about amity.  She wants to do best for both of their people.  I have to agree on this, because it will only lead to even more devastating results.  This was a strong character dynamic, and her arc.  It will be interesting to see where this will lead to, and how her people will take the news.   I hope that this will not endanger Lexa, and she stays true to her word.


2.  Bellamy’s Outburst At Clarke

From beginning to end, this scene brought tears to my eyes, and my heart just broke.  Bellamy and Clarke finally had some true alone time this season, but it was not exactly what we hoped for.  Bellamy just suddenly let every negative event and emotion that he had been building up inside for the past three months out, and Clarke is feeling it.  She knows what she had done, and Bellamy knows what he had done-all for the safety of their people.  Are they proud of it?  No.  If they were   In my honest opinion, Bellamy had to release that anger, he had to get his emotions out. Otherwise, they will eat you up alive.   His expressionism was simply remarkable, and it was surreal.   Bellamy now knows that he needs Clarke, and Clarke needs him.  One cannot adequately function without the other.  Although Bellamy’s lashing out placed her in a sensitive spot, she realizes that he needed to get it out too.  It may of been painful, but I am greatly hoping now that after being shock-lashed, Bellamy will wake up.


1.  The Massacre

Why, Pike, why?  Why did you lead nine other people, including Bellamy to mass murder 299 protectors in their sleep?  Are you insane?  Have you have no values whatsoever?  I get that your landing on Earth was not a peaceful one, and that Mt. Weather was horrific, but your insights on the people deem pure lack.  Luckily, and thankfully (I would not have been able to view it), the killings were not shown.  I simply have no words for this, and that Pike (and others) went too far.  He went too far in manipulation, his power, and arrogance.  Indra survived, and had she died, then I would have been very sad.  Pike is leading the Arkers into a very dark one dimensional side,  and if something does not happen to him soon, then it would be travesty.


There you have it!  The top five ‘OMGS‘ for Hakeldama!  Come back to see what the top five will be for Bitter Harvest!



*Off-topic note:  I have added HQ promo stills of Bitter Harvest in the gallery!*



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