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The Top 5 ‘OMG’ Moments From Wanheda Part Two

by Evelyn Ulrich

I apologize that this is a little bit of a week late, but I have the top five ‘OMG‘ moments from The 100 Wanheda Part Two!






5.  Grounder Prince takes Sky Princess hostage.  

Roan is the disputed prince of Azgeda, the ruthless Ice Nation, and he is a bounty hunter.  He has captured Clarke, dragged her across a field and pond, where she put up a good fight, and holds her in the underground substation.  Instead of taking Clarke to the Ice Nation liked he was supposed to, Roan takes her to Lexa.  The deal was that Lexa would lift his banishment from the Woods Clan, but that fell apart.  Roan is now a prisoner of hers in the Grounder Capital of Polis.


4.  Jasper and Octavia Reflect At Mt. Weather

Things have been very difficult for Jasper, who is in deep, terrible grief over the death of Maya.  He practically destroyed priceless items in the Warehouse in a fit of rage, and stumbled upon Maya’s favorite painting, Circles of Hell.  Octavia consoles and comforts Jasper, and is there for him.  He is in sobs at this point, and my poor heart breaks.



3. The Tower of the Capital

Ever since Lexa brought up the Grounder capital of Polis, in 02×15, Blood, Must Have Blood Part One, we have been curious.  In Wanheda Part Two, we got the first glimpse.  Like a true ruler and Commander, Lexa lives high above the clouds in a war-ravished centuries old stone tower. Here, we got to see how Lexa makes her fated decisions, and how this tower will be on of the main meeting points in season three.


2.  Clarke and Lexa’s Reunion

Talk about having a very intimidating meet again!  When Roan handed over Clarke to Lexa, Clarke was not very calm and reserved about it.  She kicked, she spat in Lexa’s face, called her degrading names, and put up a hell of a fight.  Clarke’s reaction was absolutely normal, as this was the woman she gave her heart to, and put her trust in her hands.  And, Lexa betrayed her.  Instead of fighting back, Lexa was very composed, and perhaps understanding.  Yet, I had a feeling that was how Clarke was going to react.


1. Bellamy Finds Clarke and Loses Her


Where do I even start with this one?  Bellamy poses as an Azgeda warrior, and he finds Clarke tied up in the underground substation.  He is so relieved and happy, and so is she.  All felt right in the world again!  Until Roan shows up and fights with Bellamy and accuses him that he followed them.  Then, Clarke pleads with Roan not to kill him, and for a moment, he is considering it, but winds up stabbing Bellamy in the thigh.  Bellamy is at a loss, and he is devastated that he had came so close and failed.  Poor man has been through so much, and now that had to happen.  He may not recover from this, but I sincerely hope that he does.


There you have it!  The top five ‘OMG‘ moments of Wanheda Part Two!  Tomorrow, I will be writing the top five ‘OMG’s from Ye Who Enter Here!

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