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The 100 Watch the Thrones Review and Recap

by Evelyn Ulrich

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The 100 Watch the Thrones Review and Recap

03×04 Aired February 11, 2016

Evelyn Ulrich


I would best describe the fourth episode of the third season of The 100 as very emotionally charged and the fight for supremacy overtook anything unlike I have seen prior.  Of course, this is The 100, and power and survival is the soul concoction.  Along with grave emotional and vulnerability distress (It is grave), add a very compelling sword battle, and a precise shocking twist, you got a very nerve breaking episode.  I don’t like passing judgement, nor off the cliff of misinterpreted conclusions.  I value opinions, but I would like to see the full spectrum before I can alleviate anything.  With that being said, on with it!

While this week’s episode was not as brutally intense as last week’s, it still carries that gravitational force.  For the record, I am going to discuss the ill-mannered and irrational decisions of Pike.  From day one, I can see right away that he was going to be a very difficult and self-abiding character.  Tonight’s episode proves just that.  I get the fact that he is fuming about the aftermath of Mt. Weather, and the loss of his people.  However, it does not mean that you should go against the very people who have aided you, trying to keep you safe.  In addition, influencing and manipulating a very emotionally and grief distressed Bellamy to join your side Pike only elevates the heated up nastiness of your virtue.  I do not hate Bellamy for wanting vengeance, especially after losing Gina, but I am significantly hoping that he joining Pike will not wind up a travesty.  Again, I am not jumping off the cliff, but surely it can’t come down to that.  Grief and guilt can sculpt you in ways unimaginable.  So, I can semi-empathize with Bellamy here, not to the point of wanting physical destruction, but a more mental one.  Yet, Bellamy releasing his guilt prior to Pike’s plan to Kane just nearly broken me.  I cried with him!  It was genuine, it was heart shattering, and it was completely honest.  He has to carry that weight on his shoulders for a long time, and I believe that he was doing the correct thing by going to Kane.  As the hour poured on with Pike, he was getting way out of line, and was making things go from bad to worse by having Skaikru turn against one another.  The two things that I strongly dislike about this guy is that he took advantage of Bellamy, who broken down even more, and he was secretly voted in as Chancellor while being imprisoned.  Hmm, I have a feeling that he being Chancellor will not have a positive effect.   In addition, Pike completely broke the off of being the thirteenth clan.  Bellamy, being one of my favorite characters is a man lost.  I would hate to see him go down spiraling due to negative and atrocious influence.   Plus, it seemed out-of-character that Bellamy would even consider it.  Yet I have a feeling that this slight error is only temporary.  He deserves healing and so much more.  Who will be there to give him that, or anyone else who needs it for the matter?

A sweet and touching scene of the episode was the Mt. Weather Memorial.  Here we got to see the first glimpse of Miller’s boyfriend, Bryan.  You can just tell how much Miller loves him, not by a vocal exchange, but simple body touching.  Bryan is regretful that he couldn’t save Iris Jones’ life, like she done for him.  A knife of hers, as a sentimental token is placed on the table.  Then, Bellamy comes up to speak about Gina, (wish we could have seen more of you girl!) and the poor man is in tears, as he said that she always seen the light, and deserved so much more.  That she did Bellamy, and so do you.  He places the Greek mythology book that she has given him on the table.  Then, all hell breaks loose when the guards come marching in, saying that there is an army of three hundred Grounders outside the camp.  Well, this creates a panic, and people are against the other.  One even harms Lincoln in the midst!  Man!  There was not a reason for that in my opinion, and it just made things a little worse.  However, Lincoln was completely compassionate and caring throughout, and did not hold any grudges.

One of the highlights of Watch the Thrones was Lexa’s grasping power throughout.  She is not one to back down from her people, Clarke, and a fight.  In the beginning of the episode, Lexa accepted a sword match given by imprisoned Azgeda Ice Nation Queen Nia.  She chosen her own son, Prince Roan to battle against Lexa.  At this point, everyone is against this and disgusted.  Clarke fruitlessly tried to convince Lexa to not fight, as she might die in the ring.  Yet, Lexa assures her though that she is confident, and even if she does, she already has chosen the next commander to take over and to give special attention to the Skaikru.   Besides, it would not be true Grounder honor if there was not a battle of some sort.  In an attempt to stop the fight before it even started, Clarke tries to work things out with the Queen, and even goes as far as trying to poison her (with her blood).  Clarke fails at her attempt, and Nia is a bit outraged by it.  In fact, she tells her to bring Lexa a message, by having Ontari have her hand slit and draining her black blood in an intricate pattern on her forehead. Black blood represents the high rank (whether it is personally known or not) of a Grounder, and dates back to the first commander.  This is addressed as ‘Night blood,’ but why does Ontari possess it?  Does she have the bloodline of being in reign?   Queen Nia certainly believes so!  Well, I can’t answer that myself, nor do I agree with the Queen, but I am looking forward to seeing more of her and her character development.  Lexa is such a driven and deliciously ruthless, yet sensitive commander, and I cannot imagine another recipient.  We only got a taste of her tonight, and we are about to get even more of a bigger bite later on.   Ontari appears to be one of those girls who keep to themselves, but will turn on you when she desires to.  Yeesh, I really do not fancy that!

The sword battle between Lexa and Roan was fantastic, and Lexa can very much hold her own.  The death of Queen Nia was a shocking dark joy, but I wonder if her screen time was inadequate, as we only seen her for 1.1 episodes. I would have like to see her explored more, but Roan as the King of Azgeda will be interesting.  Perhaps his reign will neutralize the Ice Nation within the coalition.

 As for Jasper and Monty, I loved the chemistry and emotion that was dealt with, and Jasper reaching his breaking point was a bit scary.  I get why that he is drinking to deal with his grief and trauma, but Monty is right.  There are other ways to cope.  I am not going to get into Finn’s ashes, as that was a little too harsh for my taste.  Ashes are to be handled in the most respectable manner.  Raven and/or Clarke did not get to experience the scattering, and I would have loved to see that.  It would have been a powerful and significant moment and bond between them.  On the bright side, Jasper loosing Finn might have snapped him out of his reverie.

All in all, Watch the Thrones did have its weak spots, but plentiful glorious moments as well.  Yet, this could be just a buildup of what it to come in the season.  Do not forget that this is only the fourth episode in, so it wouldn’t be fair to pass judgement.  Personally, I enjoyed it, especially how the Night Blood Grounder children are trained to be the next commander, and Clarke’s continuous worry for her people.



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