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The 100 Bitter Harvest Recap-Review

by Evelyn Ulrich

Please excuse my tardiness for the recap-review.  I hope that it does not disappoint you, and that you will like it!








The 100 Bitter Harvest Recap and Review

Aired:  February 25th, 2016

Evelyn Ulrich


I have to say, that every week, The 100 gets more and more intense.  I do not even know how to breathe, or have a normal heartbeat anymore.  But, that is a good thing.   However, I was also in tears as some events became unfolded, and we got to see the true depths of some.  There were some very shocking moments for sure in Bitter Harvest, and some very heartbreaking ones.  This will be more of a review then a recap this week, because I thought I may try something a little different.

I loved everything about Bitter Harvest, from beginning to end.  From the storyline, to the acting, and emotion, all compacted into one.  There were some scenes that I was a little uncomfortable with, but that is normal.  And, there were also scenes that I truly enjoy.

It was wonderful to see that Clarke was back in her natural element of art.  Such an escapism from that brutality that is frequent on the show.  As Lexa was peacefully napping (the stress of being Heda), Clarke was sketching her portrait it.  Of course, it did reflect that infamous Titanic scene, but I enjoyed it.  Both Clarke and Lexa nailed it in this episode, and how their relationship (professional, leader-to-leader) is becoming quite substantial and solid.  It is interesting to see this progress, and there is mutual respect.  Yet, whether Lexa actually listens to Clarke because she really does desire of becoming a better, and empathetic leader, or she is blinded by attraction.  I say that it is both, as Lexa did want peace in the first place, but now is really pining for it.  The attraction is very evident, and there is no way of sugarcoating it.  Yet, let me address that I have no problem with this, and to be open about it in today’s society is superior.

Clarke relieving Emerson and not deciding to execute him is an example that not everything has to result in death.  Plus, Clarke simply felt and quoted that she would not be killing him for his actions, but for hers.  Could this possibly mean that her ‘killing’ days are over?  That she no longer wants to be the ‘great Wanheda?’  Emerson was scum, probably did deserve death (I personally don’t like the death penalty), but this can be the new beginning for the Grounders not to imply and give death just because that ‘is their way.’  Emerson was banned though from Lexa’s land for his crimes.  I say, that it was a good punishment for what he did.  When Emerson told her about his views on the Mountain, plus the loss of his two young children, I couldn’t help but sympathize for him.  In fact, he was crying when he heard his fate.  Titus didn’t exactly want to go along with Clarke’s choice, and he is fearing now for Lexa’s life.  I have a hunch about this Titus though.  He seems so nonchalant, but is he really?  I don’t know, and I really don’t want to know, but what is going inside that tattooed, bald head of his?  If he truly cared about his commander, he would respect her decisions, and her overall wellbeing for her people.

In Arkadia, everything is even more chaotic then it was before.  Pike is still being that power-hungry, greedy, and no mercy guy, who wants to wipe out a Grounder village so that the camp can grow crops.  Personally, I would rather starve if he thrown that choice in my face.   Earlier in the episode, Hannah and Gilmer were bringing back samples at the creek, and they spot a Grounder boy, and they even try to execute him so he wouldn’t bring back their doings to his village.  If it wasn’t for Octavia, who was spying on Hannah and Gilmer, and reporting to Kane, Gavriel would have been a goner.  It is one thing to kill or harm a Grounder adult, but to inflict that on an innocent child, is just wrong on many different levels.  I just can’t see why they would even think to go that far.  I really cannot.

It seems like in Bitter Harvest, Bellamy is gradually redeeming himself.  Yet, he is still under Pike’s influence, and he is still following his orders.  Yet, Bellamy expresses remorse and concern for the people of Sector Four, the Grounder village that they want to expire for crops.  Again, Pike’s hold on Bellamy is strong, and that makes me bitter (no pun intended) because it just shows how degrading and disgusting a person can be, and to use people for their evil actions.  I am not condoning what Bellamy and the others done in Pike’s group, but brainwashing did play a major part of it.  So much so that it nearly flip-flops their personalities.  The Bellamy that we love is under there, and like I stated, I believe he is slowing climbing out.  I know that he is hurting, I know that he is feeling guilty, and I know he believes that he cannot do better, and he let some asswipe take control of his mind, but Bellamy is much more than that.  So much more, and I bet that he will do something incredible to make up for the things he has done.  I sure do hope that I am correct.

The City of Light concept is getting more and more propelling.  Jaha is like the cautionary pharmacist distributing these chips, or keys as he calls them, and everyone is becoming happy-go-I-am-invincible-lucky.  Raven is pain free from it, and as a favor in return, A.L.I.E wants her to decode on the network computer systems to see if there is a second version of her.  Um, what?  As someone who has a deep knowledge of computer operating and programming, usually when you seek out a second version of a created software, or I think A.L.I.E is a virus, the first one is not as strong, nor secure.  Software and scripting are always updating to improve performance and get rid of bugs.  So, with that being said, A.L.I.E can be even more infectious and malicious if there is a second version of her.  If she ended the world and caused a digital apocalypse prior, she sure as hell can do it the second time around.  Well, as it turns outs, the chip does not only diminish pain, but the nervous and neurological systems are also effected.  This is proven when Jaha forgotten about his own son, Wells, and raised alarm in Abby when she told him that she wanted to run trials on it to see if there were any side effects.  Memory loss is a big one, so she shuts Jaha down.  She is a doctor, and a damn good one too, and she has every right to.   Although it would have been stimulating to see Jasper’s City of Light response, had he consumed the chip.  However, A.L.I.E has a diabolical scheme to get Abby to see the City of Light.  As it turns out, Jackson (Oh, God, no! Not Jackson!), has taken the key and unlocked to the City.  She is going to use this sweet, and caring guy, and not to mention, Abby’s good friend and medical partner to convince Abby.  Why do bad things happen to good people?  I like Jackson, I do, and this seems so unlike him.  The again, he always followed Jaha in the past and saved his life, so maybe this is his way of repaying the favor.  I just don’t like the idea.

Octavia really got shafted.  She was trying her very best to warn the people of Sector Four that the army was coming to attack, and instead of actually listening to her, the leader beats her up, until the child that she saved vouches for her.  But, that is short lived as the village as the villagers set up traps of mustard gas so that they can poison the incoming soldiers.  Octavia frees herself just in time to warn Bellamy and the others about it, and they are running for their lives trying to get out of the village because the gas was activated.  However, not all survived.  Monty rushes back in to save Monroe, whose first name we just found out is Zoe, but it is too late.  Not sweet Monroe!  If it wasn’t for Pike’s devious plans, she would still be alive.  If they had left the Grounders alone, she would still be alive.  Bellamy shows grief for her, as well as Monty, but the others in the party are blaming Octavia who clearly warned them.  Again, I think that Bellamy is slowly dissolving this hardness.   What irks me though is that Pike indirectly caused the two deaths of his people, and he not taking the fall.  Instead, he is just getting more and more manipulative.  Someone needs to stop his madness, and I hope that it is soon.

We discovered that there was a thirteenth station in the ARK, and recollecting back, it was Finn in season one’s Unity Day who told the truth about it.  This station was blown out of the sky, and now we saw its pod in Polis.  The name of the station was Polarlis.  Does this connect to Polis, and if so, how?  So many questions are brewing in my brain, and curiosities as well, and I want this to be implored more in depth.

One of the sweeter moments in the hour was that of Abby consoling Kane.  He is indeed feeling the guilt and weight of Pike’s anti-peace movement, and sending kids out to spy.  Abby is simply amazing and tells him that thy are not kids anymore.  She understands his pressure, and is supportive.  Kane is also stressed that without Clarke, Bellamy is the key.  Their hope.  If only Bellamy can rinse out of Pike’s toxic brainwashing!  You don’t know how much we are hoping for this!  Then, Abby sweetly kisses Kane on the cheek, and he just kind of looks at her in disbelief, and asks what was that.

“Let’s call it hope,” Abby answered.

Nathan Miller is part of Kane’s coup, and he sets up a recorder in Pike’s office.  Quite the sneak.  Later, he gives his boyfriend Bryan a half-hug before he goes on that dangerous mission with Bellamy, Monty, and Monroe.  I felt that there should have been more than just a ‘half-hug.’  Yet, I guess that the networks have to keep certain standards.  But, if The 100 is all for profound lesbianism, should it not reflect the same for gay men?  By no means, I am degrading the show, and its diversity and surrealism has molded peoples’ in a positive light, but I believe that one little change to have gay men embrace love like the characters would make it even better.  Love is love.

Oh, and Titus is whipping poor Murphy for intel on Clarke and how he came across the ‘Sacred Symbol.’  Okay, now I know for sure that I don’t like Titus.  I hope Lexa gets rid of him.   In the coolest way possible.  I shouldn’t wish that, but Titus deserves it.

That wraps up my recap-review of Bitter Harvest!  Join in next time for the recap-review of Thirteen.  That will be a huge door-opener for this season!



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