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Clarke Will Hold Lexa’s Word For Now

by Evelyn Ulrich

In the shadows of Arkadia becoming the thirteenth Clan, Lexa made a promise to Clarke that she will protect her people and honour her.  Yet, Clarke is still apprehensive that Lexa will keep her word, and decided  to give her the benefit of the doubt.  In the midst, Clarke is still deeply attracted to Lexa, but she is trying to resist it.


Lexa may be a traitor, given the circumstance, but offering Clarke and the Skaikru to let Arkadia become the thirteenth Clan in the coalition, along with her fealty, was a way to make up for her acts.  Although accepted, Clarke has to make sure that the Commander has to hold her crown.  Her is what Jason Rothenberg has to say about Clarke’s uncertainty.

“When Clarke agrees to stay, she’s doing it largely because she still doesn’t trust Lexa,” Rothenberg acknowledges. “Now that the Sky People have become the 13th Clan, they need an ambassador — and who better than ‘Wanheda’ to stay there and make sure Lexa follows through on what she promised? At the same time, there’s no doubt that Clarke feels tremendous amounts of attraction towards Lexa, but it’s something she’s still resisting. As you saw, when she tried to kill her this week, she couldn’t; there’s something too strong there for her to fight.”   (Source: TVLine)

I, for one, sincerely hope that Lexa will keep her promises as a dedicated leader should.  However, there will always be the linger of doubt.

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