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Bellamy Will Turn A Dark Corner In The Aftermath Of Mt. Weather

by Evelyn Ulrich

With the death of Gina, the building stress of not being able to save Clarke, the betrayal of Echo, and the devastation of Mt. Weather, Bellamy may do unthinkable things.  Will the grief and trauma get to our King even more?





In the next few upcoming episodes, Bellamy will endure drastic measures, to keep his mind off the tragedies that recently occurred, and to protect the rest of his people.  Surely, there has to be a silver lining along the way. (Hopefully) According to Jason Rothenberg, The 100’s executive producer and creator, Bellamy has no personal alliance with those outside his own.  Here is what Rothenberg stated:

“I wanted Bellamy to have some skin in the game,” he explains. “I wanted him, when Mount Weather was destroyed, to lose someone significant so that his turn to the anti-Grounder side has even more reason behind it. He already has no affection for that culture, unlike Octavia, but I wanted there to be that one thing that would justify him really taking up the mantle of ‘all Grounders are bad.’ That, coupled with Pike’s influence, is what pushes him in that direction. It’s going to be hard to watch for fans who want him to be perfect.”

But before you freak out too much over that last sentence, Rothenberg insists that Bellamy isn’t devolving back to his Season 1 self.

“He was a selfish a–hole in Season 1, doing everything to save his own ass,” he reminds us of Bellamy. “There was always his love for his sister, which was enough to make people still root for him on his journey to becoming a hero, but it’s different now. He’s making choices to defend his people.”  (Source: TVLine)

Is Bellamy a victim of unbearable pressure, or could it be something much more deeper?  What do you think of this character arc?  Share in the comments below or tweet Grounders Source!

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