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The 100 Wanheda Part Two Official Trailer

by Evelyn Ulrich

Here is the trailer for Wanheda, Part Two.  My perspective will follow!

I will also upload the promo stills as soon I get them in HQ!  I only provide you with the best!








All I can say is poor Clarke!  She is obviously suffering from some sort of mental breakdown, and my heart breaks for her.  I said this before, Clarke done what she had to do in order to save her loved ones.  Do I blame her, or criticize her?  No.  It is horrible what had happened, but there wasn’t really another choice.

The 100 Wanheda, Part Two airs January 28th on The CW, at 9/8 Central.  Follow Grounders Source on Twitter to live tweet and use the hashtag, #100GSLT.  You can also like Grounders Source on Facebook as well!

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