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Happy 2016!

by Evelyn Ulrich

Happy new year’s!  I hope that all of you are well and content thus far, and that 2016 will be prosperous and life well learnt.  First things first, let me just applaud everyone of you for letting Grounders Source reach over 5K followers!  You have no idea how ecstatic, how grateful, and how dumbfounded that makes me.  I am not one who lets success goes to my head (Lord, please strike me down if it ever does), but I am proud, and truly overwhelmed by the support.  So, THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!

Before the 21st (the season three premier) I will be recording a new Grounders podcast filled with S3 things.  It would be analysis, theories, and shocks!  So, look out for this!  Grounders Source will also be LIVE tweeting during the premier at 8 PM central time.  You can find the Twitter here! The hashtag that is used is: #100GSLT

I am currently designing a new look for the site, which will debut very soon!

Please keep checking the gallery for new photos!  By the way, did you check out the new fourteen promo photos?  Pretty bad-ass! But, do we expect anything less?


May you all have a great New Year’s!  Much love to you all! x x x

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