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Eliza Taylor Season Three Interview

by Evelyn Ulrich

Courtesy of Buddytv.com, here is an interview that they had done back in October with Eliza Taylor.  Eliza, who portrays the head strong Clarke Griffin on The 100 shares some very interesting tidbits about the upcoming season three.  Just watch the adorable video below, and check out the bullet list for key season three incentives! 




  • “She’s pretty messed up over Mount Weather … she couldn’t deal with what she had done.”
  • Clarke’s in survival mode and hunting and looking for a place to sleep.
  • Clarke’s dresses as a Grounder to be accepted by them. Taylor thinks they are cool costumes.
  • She’s really isolated and doesn’t know what’s going on in Arkadia.
  • “I’m with the Grounders.”
  • “I’ll be seeing [Lexa] but it’s not gonna be fun for Clarke at all. She’s really torn up about it. She loved Lexa and she was betrayed. It’s going to be a really shaky reunion.”
  • “Her forgiveness will take awhile, if it happens at all.”
  • The Ice Queen is a force to be reckoned and the Ice Nation has a reputation of not playing by the rules. There’s a mutual respect, but she’s not the nicest person.
  • Clarke and Roan will be fighting each other.
  • Clarke’s heart isn’t open. She opened it after Finn for Lexa, but she’s been heartbroken too many times. Lincoln and Octavia get to take care of the love stuff.  (Carla Day, Buddytv.com)

The 100 Season 3 premieres Thursday, January 21 at 9pm ET on the CW.

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