Here is a piece of very sensational news!  Sometime this week (I am going to guess, Wednesday) we will have the BRAND NEW The 100 season three trailer!  While it has been literally a long time since we seen a new episode of the hit series, and we won’t have to wait that much longer as season three drops January 21st, a peek of the new season will hopefully whet our appetite.  I am pretty ecstatic about this.  The new trailer will air on Twitter, other social media platforms, The CW site, and of course here.  As soon as it becomes readily available, I will post it.  Ahh!  I simply cannot enclose my excitement!  Expect a small review on it, as I have to tell my perspective.

Here is a stroll through Memory Lane of the first season:

And another stroll when season two steamed in:

The season three trailer would be the ultimate early Christmas gift!  ??

Update: Jason stated via Twitter that the new trailer will hopefully debut  between Friday, December 11th, to Monday, December 14th.

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