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Becoming Attraction For Playboy: Lindsey Morgan

by Evelyn Ulrich

Lindsey got the honor of being the star attraction for Playboy this month!  Way to go, Linds!  I have added a video below about Lindsey discussing her first Playboy memory.


For Playboy’s Becoming Attraction series, breakout star of the CW series The 100 Lindsey Morgan showed us just how adventurous she really is. “I’m not afraid of pushing myself to my physical limits and being the woman who stands out,” she says. This makes sense, considering her badass role on TV mirrors her real-life persona. From intense water polo matches to trekking across Asia, Lindsey is everything she appears to be.

I also added all of the photos from Lindsey’s Playboy shoot in the gallery. Please click on any of the thumbnails for instant access to the gallery! Warning: Semi-sensitive material.

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