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The 100 Returns!

by Evelyn Ulrich

I am still very much shaking guys!  For this is extremely exciting news!  Are you ready for this????  Because I am not yet, as my brain still hasn’t processed.  Dare to continue?

On Twitter today (11.23), Jason Rothenberg has announced the season three premiere of The 100, and it is. . . .



JANUARY 21st, 2016!!!!

I was literally jumping up and down whilst Christmas shopping at Target as this was a rare day off from work.  I am pretty positive that there was a few people staring and thinking that I was off the grid or a lunatic.  Oh, well.  This is something to get over-excited about!  

To elaborate my emotion, here are a few Monty Green gifs.




So, mark your calendars for January 21st, 2016 as The 100 returns with earth-shattering epic-ness! ????

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