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We Are Grounders, Part Two

We Are Grounders, Part Two Recap

Written By: Emily Breault

 Originally Published:  June 30th, 2014


Is everyone still breathing after that finale? Yes? Okay good, here we go.

With an intensity that lasted start to finish, the first season of The 100 came to a close with “We are Grounders Pt. 2”.  All we can say is kudos to the cast, crew, and Kass Morgan, the writer of The 100 book, for creating such an unpredictable, exciting, and thought-provoking story.

To begin, The 100 gets ready to move out from camp. Clarke and Bellamy have a moment when Bellamy expresses his frustration over not staying to protect their home. She tells him that he inspires the kids to do whatever he says, and they may need that inspiration before the day is through. She also points out that 82 of the 100 are still alive.  The scene where Bellamy puts out the fire and he and Clarke walk out of the camp with the music soaring was incredible. Watching them march through the forest was so successful in building the anticipation for what was to come. The song was entitled “The Other Side” by Woodkid and can be downloaded HERE.  Back to the show, the Grounders attack and the kids are pushed back to the camp.

Bellamy decides they will use the gun powder left after Murphy to kill enough Grounders before they get to the camp to see if they can cause them to turn back. Clark and Raven come up with the idea to use the fuel in the rockets to blow up all the Grounders with the kids safe in the closed drop ship.

Up in the Ark, the Ark is coming to the ground. Re-entry to the earth means that it will break up into its original twelve stations, and some of them will blow up. However, there is no way of knowing which ones will.

With Raven injured after getting shot by Murphy in last week’s episode, Finn and Clarke band together to go down below the ship to set up the wiring with Raven instructing from above. The moment of panic occurs when Raven cries out she can’t feel her legs. Clarke then realizes the bullet is in Raven’s spine and she is bleeding internally. We’re lead to believe that Raven is most likely going to die, and soon. Finn refuses to let this happen, and runs out to find some of Lincoln’s coagulant from his cave to slow the bleeding.

Returning to the Ark, the remaining survivors wait in their stations to either re-enter the earth or die, but just as they are meant to launch, the explosion to separate the stations malfunctions. The explosion must now be detonated manually. We were just thinking about how admirable it was Jaha was still so strong and dedicated to returning to the earth knowing that Wells was dead. So when Kane decided to sacrifice himself to complete the task in the beautiful scene where he touched hands with everyone he walked by, we knew Jaha was going to show up. And of course, he does, manually detonating the explosion himself, leaving himself stranded in space alone.

The Grounders start approaching but are running back and forth beside the camp and not attacking. The mines near Jasper are working great and blowing up the Grounders there, but Bellamy’s crew are wasting bullets. They quickly realize that the Grounders are trying to make the kids run out of ammo.

Back to Clarke and Raven, Clarke finds the wire Raven is looking for but it’s been fried. Raven tells Clarke to get Jasper because he knows how to splice a wire.  Jasper once again comes to save the day! We love our Jasper. Everybody underestimated him!

The Grounders find out that the 100 have realized why they aren’t attacking. This is because they have Murphy and his walkie talkie, and have been listening in on the 100.  Of course.  It’s always freaking Murphy. Tristan yells at the Grounders to attack. Tristan just really needs a hug.

And so, the war begins. Blood is shed as the Grounders descend upon the kids. Bellamy is attacked, but swiftly saved by Octavia and her sword. It is incredible to think of Octavia in the first episode compared to this Octavia. Her character’s evolution is mind-blowing. I remember the episode where Lincoln and she were in his cave and he said he would make a warrior out of her yet. She surely is a warrior now. After she saves Bellamy, she is shot in the leg with an arrow, and Bellamy is forced to carry her.

We see Finn has made it to Lincoln’s cave, and Lincoln is there! He is alive!!! But no time for celebration. He couldn’t leave without knowing his Octavia was safe. Linctavia 4eva. Finn gets the medicine for Raven, and Lincoln wants to go back with him to the fight.  Finn spots one of Lincoln’s drawings of the deadly Reapers, and as he puts it, gets a “really bad idea.”  Back at camp, everyone is distracted as they see the Ark plummeting down from the sky.

Lincoln and Finn get the Reapers to chase them back to the Grounders. The few seconds of the Reapers staring at the Grounders in complete confusion were so amusing. The Grounders and the Reapers then attack each other, distracting everyone from the 100.

Lincoln finds Octavia and Bellamy, and Bellamy and he decide Lincoln is going to get the wounded Octavia out of there. Bellamy and Octavia share a heart breaking moment stating their good-byes, which demonstrates the true love the two share as sister and brother.

Jasper has fixed the wire in time for the Grounders to start getting in through the barrier. Clarke yells at everyone to get inside the drop ship. Tristan attacks Bellamy, and Finn runs to try to save him. The irony of Finn trying to save Bellamy. Cause Finn loves Clarke. And we all know Clarke loves Bellamy. She just doesn’t know it yet. Clarke screams for them, but one of the kids tells her “she can’t save everyone” and Clarke makes the difficult decision to run into the drop ship and close the door, leaving her men outside. Before the door closes however, Anya manages to jump inside. The kids begin to beat her up, but Clarke stops it by yelling, “We are NOT Grounders.”  Now that’s legit. Jasper starts the rockets and kills everyone outside, if we’re lucky, Finn included. But not Bellamy right? RIGHT?

Jaha tries desperately to contact survivors from the Ark launch on the radio. Abby and Kane’s station has survived the explosions and they have arrived on the ground. Abby returns Jaha’s call on the radio, and describes the outside scene. As Abby is describing the world around her in complete astonishment and wonder, it certainly makes one stop and think about how much we take our world for granted. Jaha listens to Abby, and both are emotional. Kane joins Abby outside and sees smoke coming from afar. They think it could be another station. The thought of them trying to travel towards the smoke however is frightening, keeping in mind they don’t have the knowledge the kids do of the world and its inhabitants.

Jaha is now alone on the ark and sure to die, and uncorks some scotch passed down from chancellors before him.

Back to the 100, the door to the drop ship is opened and the kids walk out to find the bones of those they killed. The scene is pretty horrifying. But before anything can be said, cans of red smoke fly over their barrier, as Anya simply says, “Mountain Men.” Men in hazard suits and masks with laser assault rifles are seen surrounding the group.

The next scene is crazy. Clarke wakes up wearing white pjs and in a white, incredibly clean, and sterile room. She has an IV in her arm and looks almost healed. Some other things around the room are noted, including Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” painting on the wall, a bathroom and furniture. Clarke is also being watched through a security camera, with her name labeled in the frame. How did the mountain men know her name?? She walks to the door and through the window sees Monty in his own room. GUYS WE FOUND MONTY. We lost Bellamy and Finn and Raven but we found Monty. As she is looking through her window you also see a sign on the wall in the hall that says “Mount Weather Quarantine Ward.”  CRAZY.

How on earth are we supposed to wait for season 2??? The 100 returns in the fall.  All we have to do is survive…