‘We Are Grounders, Part One’

We Are Grounders, Part One Recap

                                                                                                             Written By: Emily Breault

 Originally Published: June 30th, 2014


Have you watched the mind blowing episode, “We are Grounders Part 1?”  The 100 writers (follow them on Twitter HERE) did not hold back in the first part of the breath-taking finale. The episode put viewers on the edge of their seats from the first second, between the hopelessness of the adults on the ARK to the dark story lines of the teens on the ground.

Chancellor Jaha tells everyone left on the ARK to use up the rest of their resources and come to terms with inescapable death. Abby struggles to save a young girl who dies despite frantic attempts to revive her. It is clear Abby is doing this metaphorically as she wishes desperately to save Clarke. She believes she will die with Clarke hating her and never knowing her daughter’s fate.

On the ground, Bellamy has given up all hope for Monty, Clarke and Finn.  Bellamy, have a little more faith! You are destined to be with Clarke.  Raven refuses to give up hope, which is fine with us because we want her to have Finn.

At Anya’s Grounders camp, a freaky grounder named Tristan shows up on a two-headed horse and declares he has been sent by someone named “The Commander.”  He pointedly tells Clarke he is “the man sent to slaughter your people”, sending shivers up everyone’s spine. He states he will start with Clarke, but is distracted when he and Anya notice a fire warning. They become concerned and say that “Reapers are coming.” That doesn’t sound good. They move out leaving behind a grounder to kill Clarke, one who apparently had already killed Finn. BUT SURPRISE!!!!!! It’s Lincoln! Beautiful, sexy, ‘ablicious’ Lincoln. He has turned against his people for his love, Octavia. Marriage material right here ladies. Lincoln actually saved Finn and set the fire warning himself to distract Anya and Tristan. After they realize it was all a rouse, Clarke, Finn, and Lincoln are forced to run through mine tunnels. This is because the mysterious reapers are in them and therefore Anya and Tristan refuse to follow. When asked what Reapers are, Lincoln simply responds, “I pray you never find out.”  These Reapers sound like gems.

The group runs through the tunnels with the aid of a map in Lincoln’s sketchbook, one he says is a spoil of war. They see a bunch of Reapers before more information can be learned, and note a cart full of bodies. The Reapers live up to their name apparently.

Back at camp, Murphy kills Myles in revenge and our poor Jasper accidentally stumbles upon the scene. Murphy holds Jasper hostage in the drop ship, with Bellamy listening in on Jasper’s walkie talkie. Bellamy makes the choice to trade himself for Jasper. Murphy loves this as Bellamy is his number one target, and makes Bellamy tie his own noose. All the while, Raven and Jasper are trying to get in through a back panel of the ship, and Octavia is going ape.

Back on the ARK, Chancellor Jaha is wallowing in the hopelessness of his impending death, drinking and watching a video of Wells and Clarke as children. In the video they are speaking about the ARK and practicing for a Unity Day pageant, and it gives him an idea. He announces to the other adults that he wishes to use the ARK as an Exodus ship in a crazy plan that gives them very little chance at survival, but heck come on guys we all know it’s going to work. Do we really want the adults on the ground though?

Back in the tunnels, Lincoln makes the terrible choice to sacrifice his beautiful body to protect Finn and Clarke, and leads the Reapers away so the pair can escape. Lincoln, they tortured you. You must be reminded of this. Before he goes he gives Clark and Finn his map and tells them to use it to get Octavia and everyone away from camp before the grounders arrive and attack. Let’s be honest though, he only cares about Octavia, and we’re fine with that. Linctavia foreva. As Finn and Clarke run away, they make a horrifying discovery. One of the bodies in the cart is alive and clearly in immense pain. Distracted, they don’t realize a reaper has come upon them, one which Finn kills with a rock.

Returning to camp, Murphy is still off the deep end and has gotten Bellamy to put the noose around his neck. Murphy hears sounds under the floorboards, which is Raven trying to get in, but he thinks its Octavia. He starts shooting and uses all his bullets. Bellamy tries to get away but Murphy kicks over his stool and hangs him. Luckily Raven and Jasper get in and Jasper saves Bellamy. Murphy locks himself in the upper floor and just as Bellamy crashes in to beat the crap outta him, Murphy blows a hole in the ship wall with gunpowder and escapes. Tricky little bugger. Jasper hugs Bellamy in the cutest scene in the world and we cannot wait to see how their friendship develops.

Back to Finn and Clarke, Finn is a baby and washes the blood from killing the Reaper off his hands at a river. We weren’t really listening to what they said because whenever they talk we zone out. However our ears definitely perked up when he told Clarke he was in love with her, long enough for us to yell at him to shut up and cheer and applaud Clarke for shutting him down. Smart girl.

Arriving at the camp, Finn and Clarke tell everyone about the war that is about to occur. Bellamy gives an incredibly inspiring speech where he declares, “WE’RE ON THE GROUND NOW. AND THAT MEANS, WE ARE GROUNDERS”, and tries to rally the kids to prepare to fight. Clarke respectfully gives her own speech after, stating that if they stay they will die, so everyone better pack. And of course everyone completely disregards everything Bellamy just said and all disperse to begin packing. We love our rebel leader, but it looks like the princess is right. Just as you think things are about to end, Raven shows up from behind the drop ship. She was, in fact, hit by one of the bullets from Murphy. Finn picks her up and he should probably just stay with her forever and never talk to Clarke again. The screen goes black and “To be continued” comes up, and the hearts of all the groundlings watching drop in anticipation for next week’s episode. Be sure to watch the preview for “We are Grounders Pt. 2” on the previews page.


Oh hey wait, where is Monty?