The 48

The 48 Recap

The 100 02×01

Written By: Emily Breault

 Originally Published:  October 24th,  2014

HEYOOO! Where my Grounders at! I know we have all just been trying to survive (see what I did there) these past months until The 100 returned and IT FINALLY DID! And that means its recap time.

So, of course the majority of us have already seen the first three minutes of the episode because it was released online, but it was just as badass watching the second time round (or the third or fourth depending on how pumped you were when it was released). Clarke is like let’s blow this popsicle stand when she sees a mysterious blue bubble boy spraying down Monty’s empty room. She knocks out the camera and takes her IV stand to the circular window in her door. She managers to cut her arm pretty bad while smashing it, but that doesn’t stop our Clarke. She gets the door open and runs over, ripping off the blue dude’s mask. BAM PEOPLE, IT’S A GIRL. Named Maya, but we don’t find that out until later. Clarke goes a litttttle crazy and takes Maya hostage with a piece of the glass that broke, and tells her to bring her to Monty. They take an elevator to the fifth floor. While they are in the elevator, Clarke is demanding answers out of Maya. There is a moment when Clarke looks over and sees her reflection. She pauses and stares at it almost realizing what she’s become in that moment. She slams Maya up against the wall to block it. So they get out of the elevator and that’s when it all gets a little confusing. They’re in a dining hall…a really, really fancy one. Everyone in there has their pearls on. The food on the tables is a lot better than the nuts The 100 has been eating to say the least. We’re talking pancakes, orange juice, the works. Where the heck are they getting it from? One lady sees Maya and Clarke and screams, “Contaminant Breach”, and everyone gets their knickers in a twist and runs away freaking out. Clarke just stands there in total shock asking, “Where the hell am I?”

So Clarke gets to meet President Dante Wallace, who is the leader of the mountain men. She also gets formally introduced to Maya who starts to rip her a new one, but then leaves to go get “a treatment.”

Mmmkay. These people have survived solely underground in Mount Weather. Their bodies did not go through natural selection like the Grounders’ did. So if they get exposed to the tiniest bit of radiation, they’re doomed. Dining room freak out explained. They’ve also got hydroponic farms (and chocolate cake that is quite amazing according to Monty and Jasper). So, the President tells Clarke that his people saved 48 of her friends, and Clarke demands to go out to find the rest, but Dante tells her it isn’t safe. She isn’t a prisoner, but she just can’t leave basically. That would be the wrong thing to say to Clarke. He tells her that his men are out looking for other survivors. Clarke’s reunited with Jasper and Monty, and finds out that Bellamy, Finn and Raven are not among them. This causes her to really flip, because she is not about to give up on her friends. I’m really not feeling Jasper at this point. Clarke does not want to trust the mountain men and he’s so for them, its almost like he’s been brainwashed. Clarke steals Maya’s swipey access card, and tries to make a break for it. Sirens start going off and she allllllllmost makes it out. But Jasper and Maya find her. Maya is quick to grab a gun, but Jasper talksClarke down by saying she saved their lives that night she pulled the lever on the drop ship, don’t ruin it by pulling this one. Really Jasper. I think I threw up in my mouth a little.

So off to visit President Dante again, who tells her a load of bull which Clarke decides she will listen to, for now. And he really is a liar, because we know he isn’t out looking for survivors. Because Finn is being dragged around by Tristan and Bellamy is running around like he’s Tarzan. Bellamy, Monroe, and unnamed the 100 member find each other and go to rescue Finn. It’s a complete failure, and Tristan ends up capturing Bellamy and tying him to his horse too. Monroe and Unnamed then get themselves pumped up to attack again, and come out running from the bushes. Just as they are about to clash with Tristan, he gets shot in the head.   Ohohooo the almighty Kane is here everybody. He tells them, “We’re here now. Everything’s going to be okay.” Uh no false. Don’t be cocky Kane. These kids are going to end up saving your butt. This isn’t your playground anymore.

Raven and Murphy are hanging out in the drop ship. Murphy is surprisingly not being a horrible human being, and somewhat trying to help take care of her. Raven asks him why he became a crazy person, if he had two parents who loved him. He tells her a story of how both his parents died, and his mother basically blamed his father’s death after he was floated stealing medicine for him and her alcoholism. Ouch. Why am I feeling for Murphy?

So the boys lead Kane and Abby to the drop ship where Abby shares a moment reuniting with Raven. She says Raven needs surgery. Raven covers Murphy’s butt and who knows why. This is the beginning of Maven that’s for sure. When Kane is helping Murphy out of the drop ship, Bellamy sees him and attacks him. Kane then arrests Bellamy even though Finn is in his face telling him he’s crazy because Murphy is A COCKROACH and killed two of their people. But Kane isn’t hearing it and says, “I don’t care. You are not animals. There are rules, laws, you are not in control here anymore.” OK WELL YOU DEFINITELY AREN’T IN CONTROL EITHER KANE. I HOPE A GROUNDER EATS YOU.

Oh and Abby etches a note for Clarke onto the drop ship telling her where to find them. I guess that was kinda important.

MEANWHILE DURING ALL OF THIS, Octavia and Lincoln are on their way to meet The People of The Sea. I really hope Ariel and King Triton are there. Lincoln is trying to teach Octavia the language of The People of The Sea because only warriors speak English. He tries to fix up Octavia’s wound from the arrow and realizes it’s poisoned. Cue Octavia screaming because she is hallucinating and a shot of Ricky Whittle running through that river all hot and manly. MMMMM ladies. Lincoln is like I got this and runs them to his village for an antidote even though all the people there hate his guts and want him to die a very painful and grisly death. He loves her, he really loves her! So yeah, he ditches Octavia on the ground so he can run to grab it, and that’s the last we see of her….for now.

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, Jaha is still up hanging out in the ark. Going a lil crazy apparently. Mostly because we heard a baby crying. Unless somebody forgot their baby on the ark. I vote that.

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