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The 100 02×08

Written By:  Evelyn Ulrich

Originally Published: December 19th, 2014

The Mid-season finale was so intense, and emotional that there was never a dry eye moment.  For The 100 fandom, we had to say our very tearful good-byes to one of our friends.  For some, it was a relief, for others, not so much.  Okay, we start off with our brave princess, Clarke returning back to camp, escorted by two brutish Grounders (Really? You have to try harder to at least try to scare me), with the terms that Grounder commander Lexa had offered.  Back up a bit, forgot to mention that I love how Bellamy is barking out orders again! He wasn’t ready to let his true self go.  Now, we have a pretty intense offer on the table, especially when it puts a heavy weight on everyone’s shoulders.  Well, let’s just say that the Arkers are ready to give up one of their children to save their own behinds.  We’ve all done things, so suck it up. What makes you all so innocent?  Raven being the bad ass that she is, is outraged by the outcomes of her own, and gets vicious.  That blow to Major Byrne?  She deserved it, as I never liked her that much anyway.  Hey, girl, I’d do the same for my love too.  However, the first memory of Finn and Raven back on the station was so heartwarming, and carefree, two teenagers in love, exchanging sweet notions.  A homemade Origami necklace makes the perfect present in my eye.   Ah, to be 17 again!  Abby releases Raven from the stock holds, with a warning not to get huffy again.  Raven’s a fighter, you think she will be that easy to cooperate?  I was however disgusted by Jaha’s view on sending a boy to his death. Yet, wasn’t he remorseful for dropping The 100 on the ground?  And, now he is turning around?  I am not one for killing, quite the opposite, but like I said, love will make you do the most unfathomable things.

Of course, there is never a dull moment when our beloved Murphy makes his appearance with his acidic charm.  He tries to console Finn, but I guess he wasn’t comforted by it, and is very overwrought by his actions.  Clarke and Bellamy appears and after Bell escorts Finn to safety, *gasp!* Murphy calls her ‘princess!’  This is the first time in season two that we heard this!  May we get a round of applause? Just not by one of the men we hoped to hear it from.  The feeling isn’t mutual, folks,   since  Clarke is shooting bloody daggers at Murphy, telling him that he could’ve stop Finn, and he tells her that he tried, but she spat, ‘Not hard enough!’  Okay, we all done things we’re not proud of, especially in times of crises, the mind takes a journey of its own. Moment of truth, kids.  Learn from it.  Back to the show, Octavia is back at Lincoln’s side at his bed, (no! Not like that!) and Clarke and Abby speak to him if there is another way to absolve the issue and make peace with both parties.  I felt that Lincoln’s perspective on the whole scenario was very off putting, and not at all sounding like the usual sensible self that he is.  He was at this point, that was speaking like a Grounder!  In fact, his wording about the punishment is just as bad as viewing the malevolence.   Nonetheless, he described it as real as you can possibly get.  Death has no cost.  Life has no worth.  It was quite the mental painting.

To save Finn, Bellamy and Clarke take him back to the good ole’ drop ship where the gang all met.  It now inhabits an eerie presence, the shadows of the past still linger.  The journey there was not at all pleasant, as a Grounder jumps out of nowhere, and hits Clarke on the head.  It was great to see the old Finn back, because even though he did pointed the gun, he didn’t shoot.  At the ship, while Bellamy was aiding Clarke, we find out that Murphy was to be the trade set by Raven.  He is not thrilled about the prospect, nor is anyone else.  So, with the subject dropped, everyone dissemble either in the ship or outside.  It was then, Finn gave himself up to the Grounders, and we do not see him again until the end.  With everything that has happened thus far, I was crying like a baby.  Little did I know that what was in the very near future, something dark was about to unfold.

Fast forward a bit.  It is a Kane and Abby reunion as he is freed from the Grounders.  He meets up with Jaha and explains the terms that the commander has told him.  A trial on Finn, on their own behalf.  Yeah, right.  Grounders are known for one thing.  I highly doubt that a trial will suffice, as they desire blood for blood.  This is just a ruse. I don’t like Lexa, but I‘ve learnt that it’s Indra that you should look out for.  So, our leader of the Sky People, meets with Indra who is ready to attack, and Abby goes discussing other ways without the bloodshed. Don’t you just love empowering female characters?

More bittersweet reminisces up in space where we discovered that Raven failed her physical due to a heart murmur, and cannot do spacewalks.  She did enjoyed one though with two belated gifts of a piece of tape, and spacesuit.  Raven felt so free, and she looked positively radiant out in the stars. Imagine, just letting yourself go, doing what you’ve always dreamt of.  Finn allowed that to happened, and took full responsibility so that she wouldn’t get floated. Despite to popular belief, Finn is that caring guy, that charismatic Lothario, who suffered from PTSD, and just happened to snap.  When you suffer through the horror, it can really puncture the mind.  We do not know if this will ever happen to us, but I hope that it doesn’t.

Are you ready for the breaking of you heart now?  If it isn’t broken yet?  The Grounders take Finn back to Camp Jaha, where the eighteen deaths will be witnessed by the Arkers.  There is nothing anyone could do, and even Raven’s plan, of killing Lexa if Finn is not released is not feasible.  It will only cause a bigger storm, and quite possibly, more deaths.  Raven was just very distraught, and in complete pieces.  After when Clarke tried to offer herself instead of Finn, relating that she herself was soaked in Grounder blood, as one last hope, Lexa refuse.  She told Clarke that Finn will die for her because what he did, he did it for her.  Then Clarke decided what she had to do, to avoid a merciless death.   She ran up to Finn, kissed him, and told him that she loved him.  I believed her; she just didn’t say it just to comfort him.  Even with all the heartache he put her in, she still very much loved him.  And, well you know what happens next.  Bellamy is comforting a hysterical Raven in his arms, trying to stay strong, but failing.  Clarke, now an emotional train wreck, will have this horrific event eternally frozen in her mind.  Nothing will ever be the same after this.

I was very much in denial and still clung onto that hope Finn was alive.  I even debated it online, and the more reality hit, the more it sunk in.  And, man, did it ever hurt.  I just can’t even handle death, never could.  But, Finn will live on, maybe not in sight, but in the stars and skies.  Rest in peace, Finn Collins.  You’ll always be ‘spacewalking’ in our hearts.

I know this is going to sound very inappropriate, but I am going to add in a happy note on this episode.  The acting from all around was beyond superb, and the cast delivered each line with such emotion.  Even the ones who only had a few minutes, stolen the spotlight.  The writers have worked their butts off making sure that the midseason finale was spectacular and will impact the fans.  Like always, they did not disappoint us.  Here’s to more amazing and phenomenal episodes that will pull our heartstrings.