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Reapercussions Recap

The 100 02×03

 Written By: Emily Breault

Originally Published:  November 7th, 2014


Reapercussions. HA HA. Get it.


The episode picks up from the same spot as last week, with Clarke still in that creepy back room with the Grounders all locked up in cages waiting for the slaughter. She has to hide in one of the cages when creepy doctor lady comes in as well, which definitely built the suspense. Clarke breaks Anya out of the cage, cementing their new best friendship, and the two go out a door to escape that says “End Containment Area.” They fall through a chute in the floor and things get even more messed up. They end up on top of a pile of bodies, some apparently still clinging to life and moaning. They escape out of there, and they realize where they are….the mines. Right where the Reapers can muck them. They can hear them coming, so the girls jump in a mine cart. The Reapers throw a couple bodies on them, how fun, and push the cart away. The girls attempt to get out of the mines but they are like a maze, according to Clarke. Anya makes it clear they are not best friends, and Clarke turns for two seconds and Anya is gone and they’re separated. Just when the doo doo hits the fan and Clarke is about to get captured by Reapers and is flipping the hell out, the Mountain Men come to save her. Mkay. The only thing they are good for in my opinion. Anya then comes and saves Clarke from the Mountain Men. Lot of saving going on in this episode. They are cornered by the Mountain Men on a giant cliff type thing. Anya is like screw this I’m not letting them take me again and jumps off. Clarke is like well crap now I have to. Cue some serious CGI. Clarke is face down in the water and probably going to drown but then Anya picks her up and throws her quite violently onto land and plops down beside her. Clarke is like omg yes we are totally best friends right. And Anya is like hell no you killed like 300 of my people and smashes her head with a rock. Anya, just like to remind you that you would be a involuntary human blood donor clinic if Clarke hadn’t saved your butt.

Oh yeah, Jasper thinks Clarke had a mental breakdown and is in the psych ward because thats what Maya was told. Maya and Jasper make a bunch of googly eyes at each other and are totes in love guyz. But really I don’t mind Maya. She seems nice enough. Oblivious but nice.

DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON KANE. AGAIN KANE, YOU ARE ON THE GROUND, THERE ARE NO RULES. Nobody gives a damn about this stupid Exodus Charter! So basically, last episode Abby helped the boys escape to go find Clarke and the rest of The 100. This broke some law. So Kane and the EVIL (seriously, where did she come from?) Major Byrne decide to give her the punishments of shock lashings. It was horrifying to watch. I was so upset. But then…something weird happens…Kane decides to make Abby Chancellor. Kane, you confuse me. I can’t figure out if you’re a horrible human being or not. And then Kane is all like, let’s go on a mission to make peace with the Grounders. Yeah k. That’s going to be interesting to watch.

So the boys of course broke out of camp to go save the rest of the gang. They snatch up a Grounder who has Clarke’s watch and bring him to the underground bunker Clarke and Finn had sexy time in during season one. Oh and the dude has one eye. So he tells them he found Clarke’s watch outside the drop ship and the rest of the gang were taken as prisoners of war but “soon they will outlive their usefulness.” Well that sounds cheery. Everyone is like what do we do with this Grounder now, and Bell says they can’t kill him. They only do that when they are forced to now, like when in battle. Can you say character evolution? Clarke is rubbing off on Bellamy. But Finn is like NOBODY HURTS CLARKE (in his head of course), and shoots the Grounder in the head. Well that settles that.

Indra hates Octavia with good reason and tries to get her killed, but Octavia kicks serious butt as per usual. She hangs out on the outskirts until the grounders need to use her as bait for the Reapers, because they have kidnapped some of their people, including Lincoln. She tells Indra she isn’t afraid, but Indra tells her she will be. The Reapers attack, Octavia delivers a butt whooping, but Lincoln isn’t among the people saved. Octavia looks like she’s lost hope.

At the end of the episode, we are shown creepy doctor lady going through all of the Grounders who are kneeling and bound in front of her, brought to her by the Reapers (to everyone on our twitter page, YOU WERE RIGHT). She picks a bunch of them to go to the “Harvest” and then she gets to the last one. She says they will go to the “Cerberus” program. Yeah, like the Roman three-headed dog. Who knows? Anyways, TURNS OUT ITS LINCOLN. ALIVE. AND LOOKING HOT AS PER USUAL. AND SWEATY. HOT AND SWEATY. I hope they aren’t experimenting on him.