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Many Happy Returns

Many Happy Returns Recap

The 100 02×04

Written By:  Evelyn Ulrich

Originally Published:  November 14th, 2014 

    As you thought last week’s episode was brutal, this week’s was even more crucifying.  First, we start off with Jaha being discovered by one of the Sanders, a term I have cooked up with to describe a Grounder who inhabits in the desert.  The Sander is a young boy that carries a disfigured umbrella to shield himself from the hot sun which doesn’t seem to be in proper working order, who is curious about the Skyman, and attempts to reach out for the black night piece, but Jaha protectively grabs it back.  It’s the last physical symbol that he has of his son, Wells, and he is not ready to depart with it.  It was very sad to see this, as losing a child you loved unconditionally, and fearing that you give up something of theirs, you are losing them.  As long they are in your heart, you won’t be departed.

Somewhere in the thick forest, escaping the Mountain Men, Anya has Clarke as her prisoner to take back to her Commander.  Yet, the Mountain Men spots them, aim their laser lights for better perception, and starts firing tranquilizer darts. Both of the women halt, and ducks down onto the ground.  One misses Anya by a fraction, and pierces into a tree behind her.  Then, they continue on their journey, but not without Clarke grabbing the dart.  This is ultimate female power here Grounders.   The both of them working together to survive.  Or is it just a façade?

Our loyal and somewhat conflicted search party disembarks from the trail, and Bellamy and Finn get into a bit about Finn shooting the Grounder in the storm bunker. Now, Finn, he was all for pacifism and peace, and civility last season as we all know.  So, this new and alarming side to him is indeed questioning.  I get that you want to protect your people, and I get that you have mad feelings for Clarke, but anger does not suit you well.  I have a feeling that Finn has some deep psychiatric issues that need to be addressed.  And quick, because that type of behavior will only go downhill.  Speaking of hills, Monroe spots the people from the Ark, but gone on the hill top.  Murphy asks Bellamy where’d they came from, and he answers promptly, “The ARK.”  The group continues down path, looking for survivors with grim faces.  They roll to a stop at the brink of the rocky cliff, and seen the bended, twisted mess remains of the ARK.  Just when the party is about to leave, Sterling spots his friend, Mel attempting to climb up the creviced walls.  They all agreed to help, except Finn, who wants to leave her behind, and possibly die.  He and Bell get into another bit, and decides to move on, Finn claiming that they will come back.   You see one of your people hanging on to dear life, and you want to leave?  Even though you think you do not have time, you make time to try to save their life.  Think about that for a moment.  If that was Clarke, you’d be down there in a split second.  It was Sterling who makes the first rescue attempt for Mel.  Will it be accomplished?  Continue on if you want to know.

 At Camp Jaha, Raven is having a difficult time adjusting to her new disability.  When you are not naturally born with one, like I am, it is very hard to cope with.  She attempts to get feeling in her leg, but fails.  Here is a young, strong woman who wants to continue her past life, but now she has to accept what is.  You can still be strong and needed with a disability, you just have to find ways to overpower it.  Sinclair has arranged a job for Raven to assemble a radio beacon to locate other possible survivors.  She turns on her crutches, and shows gratitude to Sinclair.  Now, I really like Sinclair as he is compassionate and caring, and this one scene proves that.

We see Jaha again with the Sanders, in their home.  The Sander boy and Jaha introduce, and the boy gives him water.  It was then the boy’s parents comes in, and the mother has a fit.  Not a pleasant ‘Welcome to our home’ reaction.  It’s natural, as Jaha is a stranger to them.  Yet, I have a bad feeling about this woman.  Just a real bad vibe from her.

Back to the search party on the cliff.  This was one of the scenes that I was focused on more so, because it emulated everything about The 100.   Working together to survive.  Well, Sterling goes down to save Mel on a rope that cannot support his weight, and he cascades below.  Poor Sterling, and he died a hero in my eyes.  Now, the rest of the group is shocked, even Murphy. Monroe says they should save Mel, for Sterling.  Bellamy and Finn get into yet another quarrel, and Bellamy says that even though they don’t know the fate of their friends, they could save this one girl.  Another hero, as he comforts Mel stating that she is strong, and she says she’s stubborn.  “So, be stubborn a little longer.  I won’t let you die,” he tells her.  I’d be lying if I said my heart didn’t melt because it was a full waterfall.  Another possible ship here, as I felt it, and I am not one who ships.  Then, again who wouldn’t want to be save by our king?

The Sander woman, appropriately named Sienna, cooks up a meal of insects for Jaha, with her husband saying that he can stay.  Not my idea of a fun, welcoming meal, but you do what you need to do.  I am pretty much vegan, and that just made me crawl in disgust.  Get it?  Well, it turns out that Jaha is in the Dead Zone, and the family need to get to the City of Light.  So, where exactly is Jaha?  The question is burning.  Then, Zoran pops in with more insects, and surprises Jaha.  We can see that the child had a physical radiation effect on his face, and runs back out.  Man, imagine how horrible that must be.  Sienna tells Jaha that they’re used to the hate, and Jaha says he has no room for hate.  This is what every human should have on this earth, yet sadly they don’t.  She says to Jaha that the children die if they have something wrong with them, but she could not do it.  However, I still have my red flag up about her.

Remember Wick, who got his arm stuck in the door last season?  Well, he is back, and makes a comical comeback at that.  He calls Raven a ‘wrench monkey’ in his squeaky helium voice.  Reminds me of my co-workers when they abuse the helium pump after hours.  Yeah, it is annoying, but also funny.  The two will be partners on working on the radio beacon.  Yet, when Wick presents Raven with a leg brace, she dismisses it, again being stubborn about accepting her new disability.  Like I said, it’s hard, but if there are ways of coping and making life easier, than eventually you will accept and adjust.

 It’s Clarke and Anya again.  It appears that the Mountain Men are still following them, or rather, tracking them.  Anya has a chip in her forearm, and Clarke offers to remove it.  Sorry Clarke, but Anya has a faster way of doing it, by chomping down on her arm.  Vampire much?  Oh, well.  At least they’re not being tracked anymore.  Gruesome enough though.

Bellamy goes down with perfect ease down that cliff in yellow seatbelts.  But the guy is a climber, so it doesn’t surprise me.  He comforts Mel, and she wraps herself around him.  Murphy calls out to Bellamy, “I won’t drop you,” and pulls backward with the rest.  Ah, our Murphy does have a soft spot underneath that cold, hard demeanor.  I still think he is one to be hair raised to, but he does have a heart.  I want to see more of Murphy’s warm side, and less of Finn’s unleashed dark side.  The group struggles to pull them up, and now they’re being attacked by Grounders.  Monroe starts shooting, and got arched in the leg.  Yet, Finn and Murphy continue to pull Bell and Mel (hey, that rhymes), and Mel is rescued.  Just when Bellamy and Mel are up, the foghorn blows, and wait for it, it’s Octavia!  She and Bellamy embraced in an emotional hug.  It’s one of the reunions we’ve been waiting for.

Jaha gives the chess piece to Zoran, a kind gesture, and a memory that will be frozen in time. Like I said, the lost are never truly gone as long you have them in your hearts and your memories. Then, things got interesting with Clarke and Anya, when Clarke offers to heal the arm, but instead stabs her with the dart.  Oh, and I thought they were becoming BFF’s!  Now, Anya is Clarke’s prisoner.  Ironic, enough?

The Sander family releases Jaha to the bounty man, who needed a horse to get to the City of Light.  Well, my instincts were correct, Sienna double-crossed Jaha.  Zoran is indeed upset to see him go, and is traumatized to see him getting clubbed by the bounty man.  What is the fate of our noble leader now?  I am strongly hoping that Jaha is alright.

Next we seen Bellamy caring for Mel by making her a sling for her arm.  Aww, again I am melting.  Don’t worry proud Bellarkers, I am still very neutral on shipping.  It’s just that those scenes were so cute and sweet.  Like I said, reason why I don’t ship is because it is not the epitome of the show for me.  Octavia is aiding Monroe with her leg, and opens to Murphy that Lincoln is gone.  Bellamy consoles her, and decided to head back to camp with her.  Finn and Murphy continue their trek of finding their friends, but before Murphy departs, Bellamy tosses him a rifle.  Hmm, whether Murphy will use it in a good way, well only time will tell.  I wouldn’t trust him with an unsharpened pencil, and I certainly wouldn’t trust him with a gun.  Sure, he is softening, and he did save two lives, but still though.  Can he be trusted?  We shall see.

Meanwhile Clarke and Anya found their way back to the dropship, and after Clarke tries to decipher the message her mom left for her, Anya attacks.  It is indeed a power struggle between the two.  Okay, after they both went through, a friendship should have blossomed.  Well, all hope is lost.  Before Clarke tries to kill her, she sees the beacon being launched from the camp.  She is excited, and she and Anya head towards it.  Right after they see it, that dumb blond Byrne had to deflate it.  Okay, just because Kane’s gone, does not make you the Queen, so just go away already.  Abby needs to see her daughter, the kids want to see another, everyone wants to be reunited already.  So go away.  After Anya and Clarke made peace, they’re shot at by the Ark’s guards.  Anya’s is fatal, and Clarke tries to save her, but it’s not enough.  Anya passes, stating that her fight is over. I thought her death was a little quick, but are we all assuming she is dead?  It looks like it, but being hopeful, she might be alive still.  As for Clarke, the two guardsmen knock her out and possibly drag her to the camp.


So, this episode had female dominance and strong survival pouring out.  Here’s to next week Grounders!  Where more possible reunions might happen!