Long Into An Abyss

Long Into An Abyss Recap

The 100 02×07

Written By: Emily Breault

Originally Published:  December 12th, 2014

Hey all! The second season of The 100 sure is going by quickly. Here we go with our recap of episode 7 in season 2, “Long into an Abyss”.

So the mountain men are up to their old tricks as per the usual. They’ve locked the girl who received Monty’s blood outside, to test how long she can withstand the radiation. The first couple of seconds, she is ok. Then, just as Maya’s did, her face starts melting off. Dr. Tsing, or as I like to call her, creepy doctor lady, stops Cage from retrieving the girl, pointing out that it is likely she will talk. So they leave the girl, one of their own, outside to die. I highly doubt we would ever see Abby as Chancellor making these kinds of choices for her people. That says something. Yes, Jaha did sacrifice people so more could survive on the ark. But that is because they were faced with no other choice for human kind to survive. The Mountain Men could choose to stay underground and survive all the same.

They bring the girl inside to study her, and creepy doctor lady says that she will need to go to the source of the blood, bone marrow, to study if she can make surviving outside for their people permanent. However, that means that all of The 47 will die. Cage says he will try to convince his father, President Dante Wallace. Cage does this by getting a treatment with his father with the blood and they both go outside for a bit in hazard suits. Cage takes his mask off and proudly tells his father he can do the same. At first, the president is amazed, but then he realizes he is being manipulated. Cage tells him they will need the bone marrow from the kids to make this permanent, and “they’ll die so that we can finally live”. Dante forbids this however, stating, “We are the keepers of history. What we’ve done to the outsiders has corrupted our legacy. I can’t go down that road any further.”

Also in Mount Weather, Jasper, Miller, Monty, Harper go and break into Dante’s office to see if they can find proof Clarke is alive, which they want to know before attempting to escape. They crack the code on an old laptop, and find pictures of Camp Jaha. Break out time! But there might be a hitch in their plan to leave, because at the end of the episode Jasper goes to Monty and asks where the heck Harper is. We see that Cage clearly ignored his father, because Harper has been kidnapped and strapped to a table. Creepy Doctor Lady starts to take some bone marrow, as Harper screams and screams.

In Camp Jaha, Jaha is trying to take his old position as Chancellor back. He tries to convince Abby to run, as the Grounders have clearly really scared him with their leave or die message. Major Byrne, who is not a rule breaker, says that Abby is still in command until a vote is taken or Abby willingly gives Jaha his old job back, similar to how Kane transferred his role to her. Abby refuses to do so, because she isn’t ready to back down just yet. Jaha and Abby go and tell their people the options together, and a consensus of what the crowd wants to do is unclear.

Meanwhile, Bell has come to retrieve Clarke and bring her to the drop ship, cause Lincoln has gone cray cray. Ricky Whittle must have popped a blood vessel with all that trashing. Octavia and Bell want Clarke to get the bullet O shot in Lincoln last episode. Easier said than done, because as she is about to take a peak, Lincoln breaks out of his chains and attacks Clarke. They take him down and strap him back in, and Octavia goes outside to get more water for him. Nyko grabs her from behind, and warns her that Grounders are coming to kill them. He hears Lincoln screaming though, and follows her into the drop ship. She lets him take a look at Lincoln because, of course, he is Lincoln’s village’s healer. Just as he is about to give Lincoln some “medicine”, he whispers, “Your fight is over” in Grounder language. Clarke recognizes the saying from when Anya said it before she died, and immediately sticks her hand out to catch the poison. Octavia asks him if he was going to kill Lincoln, and Nyko says yes, because it is the only way. Finn, who “accidentally” shot a gun eighteen times and pretty much killed an entire village of Grounder Elders and children, comes in then. Recognizing him, Nyko loses it and attacks him. While this is happening, Lincoln stops breathing, and Clarke begins to do chest compressions and brings him back. Nyko is amazed and says he’s never seen anything like that. In that moment, Clarke realizes the Grounders have no idea what CPR or modern medicine is, and so they’ve never tried detoxing to save their people from becoming Reapers. Clarke returns and tells Abby this, and proposes that this will be a way to have a truce between the Grounders and their people. Then, they can team up to take down the mountain men. Abby is down, but an army of Grounders has approached with torches, ready to attack. Jaha freaks and tells Abby he is Chancellor and tells the guards, including Major Byrne to lock up Abby, Clarke, and Finn. Abby, in turn, tells them to lock him up. And we know Major Byrne isn’t a rule breaker, so she does as she was told by her true Chancellor, and moves to lock up Jaha.

Abby goes with Finn to save Lincoln and Clarke goes out to the Grounders alone. Clarke walks into the commander’s tent and a Grounder tells her if she “looks at the commander wrong, I will slit your throat.”  How welcoming. Clarke goes in to face Lexa, and tells her how she and Anya escaped from Mount Weather, and Anya wanted to have peace as well to take it down. Lexa doesn’t believe Clarke, and Indra is just losing her mind ready to attack, when Clarke pulls out a piece of Anya’s hair. She has remembered from season one when the girl Grounder died and she watched Anya take a piece of her hair as well. Clarke tells Lexa she can cure the Grounders who are Reapers, and brings her to Lincoln as proof. However, Lincoln’s heart has stopped, and Abby has been doing chest compressions to no avail. Octavia crouches over him, sobbing. When Lexa and Indra see this scene, Lexa gives Indra the OK to kill them all, when suddenly Abby uses the shock baton as a defibrillator. Lincoln is alive!!!! That’s my ladies, kicking butt as per usual.

Lexa agrees to have a truce between their people and team up to take down the Mountain Men. However, she just needs one thing in return.” Clarke answers anything.  Lexa then pointedly says, “Deliver me the one you call ‘Finn’. Our truce begins with his death.”

How awkward.


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