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Inclement Weather Recap

The 100 02×02

Written By:  Emily Breault

 Originally Published: November 1st, 2014


Hey Grounders! This recap is coming at you a little late because of Halloween madness.

So starting off, I LOVE THE NEW INTRO. It correctly represents the show as dark, serious, and science fiction.

Jumping straight into things, we see that the adults are starting to build camp. Kane still has Bellamy locked up and starts asking him about the Grounders. At least he’s somewhat admitting he doesn’t know everything about the ground. There is a gunshot and Kane flips out because it came from a non-guard who was issued a gun. It was given to the non-guard by a blonde guard who we saw standing next to a tied up Abby in the We are The 100 preview. So anyways, Kane is yelling that any use of firearms will be punished under whatever, whatever charter. I wasn’t paying attention at this point because it doesn’t matter. YOU’RE ON THE GROUND KANE, THERE ARE NO CHARTERS.

Abby tells Raven the bullet is pressing on her spine and that if they leave it in, she will be paralyzed from the waist down. They can try surgery, but she will feel everything and might not survive through it. Of course you can’t just tell Raven she is going to be paralyzed, so she goes for the surgery right away. Her screams were horrendous and heart-wrenching. Everyone in the camp is listening to them in horror. Suddenly though, the screams turn into male ones. Kane and the other guards run into the forest to see what it is. Three of their men have been crucified.

To Mount Weather we go! An alarm sounds, and Maya tells Clarke that it means the mountain men who were outside have come back and one of them needs medical attention. Clarke wants to see what’s up with that so she gets up in their grill and manages to see a dead man with a clear bullet wound and another who is grossly burned all over his face, chest, and arms. She gets up in President Wallace’s face about the bullet wound, and he says that it came from Grounders. But Clarke and us both know Grounders don’t use bullets. And that means that her people must be alive. So Wallace and the creepy Doctor chick show her the body, and now it looks like an arrow wound. What up with that? They even show her the arrow they pulled out of him. She says she wants to talk to the man who was burned. She is told however that only patients are allowed in medical.

Back to Raven and Abby, Raven’s survived, and Abby is pissed at Kane because she realizes he never sent a search team for the kids. Way to go Kane, as per usual. We also find out Raven’s left leg has nerve damage and she will need to walk around on crutches for a while. Did you guys bring crutches with you Abby? Raven tells Finn that he was there for her like always, but he better not be there when she wakes up, because he needs to go find their friends. I LOVE RAVEN. Finn breaks out Bellamy with the help of Monroe and Sterling (last week I called him unknown member of The 100, oops sorry Sterling). Bellamy decides to bring Murphy because he knows how to get around the grounder camp. Good idea Bell, if the Grounders were the ones who had the kids. They go into the woods where they bump into Abby and Miller’s father. She gives them weapons and demands them to bring the kids home. Go Abby. This is definitely why she was tied up in the We Are The 100 preview.

Jaha is still chilling up in the Ark, and he’s got a new friend. He finds a baby locked inside a drawer, and suddenly he’s like a new person. He’s laughing and has found a reason to fight to live again. Jaha comes up with a plan to ride one of the missiles down…or something like that. But first he has to make a giant space jump to the other side of what’s left of the Ark. He notices that the baby is holding a knight chess piece. SYMBOLISM. He’s meant to stay close to the fight. So he straps the baby to himself and puts on a space suit. A suit with a helmet I might add, that has a big crack in it. Oh snap. He doesn’t have a choice but to wear it though, so he starts to make the jump. He’s almost there and his helmet cracks right open, exposing his face. I read online you can survive in space for 30 seconds so this is actually realistic. He slams through the door and shuts it, also falling RIGHT ON THE BABY. That baby is smushed!! But alas, when he goes to take the baby out, SURPRISE, there is no baby. A grown-up Wells is there, and gives him a man up I love you, you must live speech while holding the black knight. Jaha gets in the missile, and makes it to earth. He crawls out and it looks like he is in a desert. I really want it to be a beach so he gets the chance to meet The People of The Sea.

Oh right, Lincoln and Octavia. Do you think enough is going on in these episodes? Holy smokes. She is awoken under the Lincoln Memorial by a Grounder healer named Nyko, who makes her drink the cure for the poison. He tells her Lincoln is paying for his betrayal against the grounders. Octavia knocks out Nyko with a rock, which wow Octavia, which was impressive. I LOVE ALL THE GIRL POWER. She takes him back to Lincoln’s village with a blade to his throat and demands Lincoln be returned to her. Tara’s mom from True Blood comes out and says they’ll do the exchange. They meet later and Octavia and Lincoln are reunited for about five minutes until REAPERS!!!

BACK TO MOUNT WEATHER, Clarke is basically being told she’s an ungrateful brat for questioning the mountain men. Jasper tells Clarke their biggest threat to them is her, because she’s going to get them kicked out. Clarke goes to her corner and starts drawing, but then she sees the man who was covered in burns, and he’s mostly healed now. She’s mind blown and decides she needs to see what’s up in medical. So she does the only logical Clarke thing and cuts open her stitches. Creepy doctor lady bandages Clarke’s arm while she pretends to sleep. After, Clarke jumps from the bed and starts checking out medical. She follows the dialysis tube that pumps blood in the other sleeping patients through a grate and into a room that’s pretty messed up. There are bodies hung upside down and drained of their blood for the dialysis patients. There are also cages withe people in it, just waiting to die. Clarke walks up them, completely horrified. And then, in one of the cages, she finds her old enemy, Anya. DA DA DUMMMMMM.


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