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The Top 5 OMGs From A Lie Guarded

The Top 5

I apologize in great advance for the delay of this edition of The Top 5 OMG’s.  I have not forgotten, but life is very speedy.  I have chosen the moments that stood out (OK, they all stand out, some a a little bit more) in A Lie Guarded.  What are they?  Well, you can find out below.  *The following article will contain spoilers from the episode.  Continue at your risk.*

The Top 5 OMG’s From A Lie Guarded

5.  Arriving At Becca’s Lab

With the medical discovery of Luna’s Nightblood being immune to radiation, Abby and crew make a field trip to Becca’s lab.  It is located on an island semi-far from Arkadia, so travel is by boat.  Upon their arrival, they are not greeted peacefully.  Instead, there are multiple drones whizzing above and attacking.  Raven reprogrammed the main one so they can no longer try to assassinate.  This is crucial because they need Luna.  When they finally enter the lab, everyone is entranced by the incredible layout.  For now, it is one step closer to saving the human race.



4.  Monty’s Reading 

Monty is fed up with Clarke’s dishonest way of leading, and confronts her.  Yet, she doesn’t want to tell the truth because she is afraid, he decides to.  He begins reading off the 100 names names off the “List” in which he, Jasper, and Harper are not on it.  Naturally, this angers people, but they agree to Jaha’s plan of a life lottery.  The more work that you do, the more chances you will be picked for survival in a name draw.  It sounds very risky, but whatever that you need to do to survive.



3.  Octavia’s and Echo’s Sword Battle

Who has the better battle hand?  Echo asks Octavia to come with her back to Polis.  Octavia refuses as Octavia would usually do, and hence the duel begins.  While it is meant to be a fight to the death, I can’t help but noticed just how majestic and swift these two are together.  Octavia is a great fighter, no doubt about that, but Echo has been born and raised into the custom.  So, it is my belief that this was why she won the battle.  But tremendously, she survived both the stab and the fall.  In my review of A Lie Guarded, I have analyzed on how Octavia survived them.  Most importantly,  Octavia lives!



2.  Bellamy’s Grief

This scene was very hard to place, as there were several just as grasping as this one.  My heart shattered when Bellamy believed that his beloved little sister was gone.  He had practically raised her himself from babyhood to adolescent.  Octavia may have not forgiven him for Lincoln’s death, but that does not extract that they’re siblings.  Yet, his grief and pain propels you in, and makes you realize that once one is gone, they’re gone.  Aside from Luna, Bellamy is the only other character (that I have seen) that delivered full agony from loss.



1.   Good-Bye, Nyko ☹

Nyko has been a peaceful Grounder (Only a handful are) since the beginning of season two.  He was a healer, and stayed out of battle and conflict.   Nyko took care of Skaikru, and they took care of him.  It was heartbreaking to hear him say “Yu gonplei ste odon,” to Adria when she was dying, and to Lincoln when he was in withdrawal in season two.  It seems like all of the peaceful Grounders, or merging toward it, die.   Now that I think about it, nearly all of the older Grounders (Anya, Tristan, Lexa, Ontari, etc.) have passed on.  It would have been nice to see a contrast between evil and peace.  Nyko died protecting Luna, so she can offer hope for others, and if that is the case, then Nyko’s death would not have been in vain.



That is it for this compelling edition of “The Top 5 OMG’s.”  I hope that you enjoyed my picks, and feel free to use the gifs.  Come back later this week for “The Tinder Box.”

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