Grounders Source Media Partner Application

Do you need press and promotion for your upcoming The 100 event or convention, or events that will have The 100 cast as guests?  Examples include San Diego Comic Con, Dragon Con, or similar pop culture events.  Grounders Source can offer a wide range of publication options.  The site is 100% focused and centered on The 100 and will be the best candidate for your events!  Not only that we are experienced in providing hype and written media for your event, online and possibly at the event, but we can also photograph professionally, as well as videography, creating photos and videos that will deliver the memories.  With more press attention and coverage, the fan realm, cast experience, and company can be even more successful, personal, professional, and financially gained.  Before you can fill out the application, follow the guidelines, and the give and give foundations:


Event Criteria

  • When you apply, you have to give reasons why you want Grounders Source to be media partner/press partner.  This is crucial because if you have a specific thing in mind or certain material that has to be appointed, then we can work accordingly and create a plan so that the event can gain its deserved awareness.
  • A link back to the Grounders Source site with icon.  Grounders Source will reciprocate with a link back with an icon to your site.
  • Acknowledgment on your site and social media accounts.
  • Following Grounders Source on their social media networks.
  • Press admission to the convention or event.  Airfare and hotel may be accommodated (if traveling outside N. America.  If for whatever reason I cannot attend, an autographed photo of the cast will suffice.
  • A full contractual agreement outlining the responsibilities and agreements between company and company.
  • Pricing in monetary is not obligated but can be an option for the event company.
  • Release of media taken at the convention will be automatically given to the event company for promotion and professional use.


Grounders Source Criteria

  • Full promotion on the site as well at the event(s).  Event photography (not photo ops) during panels, parties, autograph sessions, and meet and greets.
  • Event promotion on social media, as well as following back your account(s)
  • Close communication between both parties to make sure that we are in agreement and goals can be achieved.
  • Acknowledgment of partnership on the site and social media.
  • A full contractual agreement outlining the responsibilities and agreements between company and company.

If interested, please fill out the application below.  We will respond in the quickest time window with thoughts and/or decision.  If already media partners with Grounders Source, this is not applicable as agreements have been established.