Human Trials

Human Trials Recap

 The 100 02×05

 By: Emily Breault

Originally Posted:  November 21st, 2014


This episode moved FAST. Holy. My head was going a hundred miles a minute trying to process everything that was happening. I love the world of The 100!

Clarke gets hauled into camp by the guards, when Abby walks up. Byrne says something about “the prisoner” to which Abby responds, “She’s not a prisoner, she’s my daughter.” Cue my heart skipping a beat.

Abby takes care of Clarke, even amidst Byrne trying to interrogate her about what happened to her. They share the most heartbreaking mother/daughter moment. Clarke thought Abby was dead, and breaks down in tears. Y’all, I totally lost it with her.

Clarke wakes up and immediately wants to go out to find her friends. Just as Abby tries to stop her, Major crazy pants Byrne comes in and says there is movement in the woods, but it’s not Grounders. Clarke follows her mother outside the tent, and reunites with Raven, who has been waiting outside the tent while she slept. MY GIRLS! I will always love those two and their respect for each other. But back to the movement in the woods…ITS BELLAMY, OCTAVIA AND THE CREW. And so proceeds the moment where all Bellarke fans lost their minds…

They all walk into camp, and Clarke runs towards Bellamy, throwing her arms around him. At first he is in total shock, and then registers its Clarke, she’s alive, and at the camp. He hugs her back, hard, and my heart melted. There were total tears in her eyes as were there ones in mine. I squealed hard guys.

The adults have a meeting about what to do now that they know the Mountain Men, and not the Grounders, have the kids. Once again, you guys don’t know jack anything about earth yet. Asking the experts, aka the kids, might help. They chose to send a team after Kane, but not after Finn and Murphy, who are still out looking for Clarke. Clarke and Bellamy say they will go after Finn and Murphy themselves, but Abby says no way. And just like the badass Clarke we know, after Abby says this and leaves, Clarke immediately looks over at Bellamy and says, “We’re going to need guns.” YEAH CLARKE, LET’S GO KICK SOME BUTT!

Raven gets Bell, O, and Clarke some guns, and gets Wick to turn off the shock fences so they can leave the camp. Clarke leaves Abby a note, which Abby finds and then brings to Raven, pissed off. Raven denies knowing anything, so Abby slaps her across the face. I think Raven looked up to Abby as a mother figure so this really broke my heart. Raven clearly understood why Abby did it, because she pushed a mug over for Abby to drink after. But I still could see the hurt in her eyes. And then comes what I believe was the best line of the entire episode. Abby looks at Raven, apologetic, and says, “She thinks that because of what she’s been through, she’s changed. But she’s still just a kid.” To which Raven responds, “You’re wrong, Abby. She stopped being a kid the day you sent her down here to die.”

In Mount Weather, President Dante calls for Jasper, and tells him that Clarke ran away. He says he will not send any of his own people after her, but Jasper may go himself if he wishes, and he will still have a home there. Jasper tells Monty and Maya this. Monty starts packing immediately, but Jasper is hesitating. You suck Jasper. Like a lot. Maya’s face then starts melting off. Literally. Apparently there was a radiation leak in the dorms. Yeah I’m so sure. I say this, because once they get Maya to medical, creepy doctor lady says the only way to save Maya is to swap her blood with Jasper’s. And of course, Jasper agrees. I’m going to call bull on that leak being an accident. They clearly just wanted to experiment (And it was totally President Dante’s son who caused the leak, but we will get to that later). Jasper starts getting a little wonky during the transfer because Maya was heavily sedated. The doctor tells Monty this is normal when he becomes alarmed. To which Monty responds, “if you’ve never done this before, how do you know it’s normal?”. Crazy doctor lady needs a moment to correct herself and say she meant to say “it’s expected”, but its too late. Monty doesn’t trust her. She tells him to go wait in his room, but he’s like ah hell no and sits down right beside Jasper. Yay Monty, we love you.

Also in Mount Weather, Lincoln is now a druggie. We know he was put in the Cerberus Program, and luckily he does not have three heads yet. However, it seems he is being injected with a highly addictive drug repeatedly, and then being trained to be immobilized at the sound of this tone projector the lab coats have. We heard that sound back during the Clarke and Anya escape. Hmmmm. The doctors, the leader clearly being President Dante’s son, then bring another Grounder who is in the program into Lincoln’s room. They put a needle with the drug in the middle of the room, and then let both of the men loose. Lincoln kills the other guy, and then injects himself with this drug. This is bad guys, THIS IS BAD.

President Dante, his son, and creepy doctor lady, also known as Dr. Tsing apparently, all discuss what happened with Maya. Apparently creepy doctor lady did not have the president’s permission to do the transfer. The general gist of the conversation is, well sorry but it worked so let’s go ahead and experiment on The 47. President Dante questions his son how the radiation leak happened, since he is head of security. He says he doesn’t know, but he will take care of it. The president then looks at his son and asks him what he would do regarding Jasper’s experiment working, and his son says that he would go ahead and use the kids. OK DUDE, WE KNOW YOU CAUSED THE LEAK, YOU COULDN’T MAKE IT ANY MORE OBVI.

Can you even believe the amount of stuff that went down this episode? We’re now jumping over to Kaneville, where Kane and two guards have taken a Grounder hostage. Kane leaves them to plant the tree his mother kept on the ark and dreamed to someday return to the earth. It was a quick, but heartfelt moment. He returns, and tells the Grounder to lead them to his camp. Before they get there, Kane tells the two guards with him to leave, because if this goes badly he wants to be the only one who gets hurt. He lets the Grounder loose and tells him that he hopes this is their first step towards peace. Lol Kane, you should have consulted Clarke first before doing this. She would have told you that the Grounder would have just internally laughed at you and then proceeded to kick you in the face. The grounder then dumps Kane into a subway station/prison. Its quiet, until we hear a rustling in the corner. I’m freaking out, thinking its going to be some gladiator Grounder dude about to kill Kane. BUT SURPRISE!!! ITS JAHA!!!!!! So they meet again.


As we already knew, Finn and Murphy are out in Grounder territory with two gigantic guns looking for Clarke. The two come across a Grounder village, filled with only women, children, and old people. Murphy, surprisingly being the sane one this episode, tells Finn they should just leave them alone. Finn has totally lost it though. Someone’s got his girl and they’re going to pay. He takes the village at gunpoint, and quarrels all the people into the middle. He stomps on a woman’s back after he finds some of his friends’ coats. Murphy is like, “Finn, you’re losing it. These people are scavengers they could have just found that stuff.”  CHILL. But it’s too late, and Finn kills like everyone in the village. 

While Finn is murdering the Grounders, Clarke, Bellamy and Octavia hear the gunshots and come running. They all come to a stop at the Grounder camp, staring in shock. Octavia runs to the side of one of the fallen kids, frantically saying his name. Keep in mind, she’s a Grounder now, and she knows these people. You would think in that moment Finn would have realized he screwed up. But no, he looks at Clarke, and says, “I found you.” Not quite Finn, she actually found you. And as he takes a step towards her, she takes one back, clearly horrified at what he’s become.


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