Fog of War

Fog of War Recap

The 100 02×06

Written By: Emily Breault

Originally Published: December 5th, 2014

Hello Grounders! Well this week certainly was eventful. I just want to thank you all for your continued support! Let’s drive straight into the recap for this week’s episode, “Fog of War”.

In Mount Weather, Creepy Doctor Lady and Cage, a.k.a President Dante’s son, are talking to the President about the success of Jasper and Maya’s blood swap. Creepy Doctor Lady says that Maya can actually survive outside now, although this has not been proven in the long-term. They wish to use the rest of The 47, but Dante tells them that Jasper was a volunteer, and he will not cage the rest of the kids “like animals.” Instead, Dante finds Jasper and asks him to persuade the kids to volunteer as well. Jasper does as he was asked, and tries to convince the rest of the gang who are like lol no. He even yells, “THEY GAVE US CAKE!” Is anybody else concerned Jasper can be persuaded by cake alone?! Haha. The kids disperse and Maya comes in, telling Jasper she is very happy he is ok. However, she is holding up a sign that says “Act Normal! They’re listening!” She leads the boys to another room, where she tells them the leak that nearly caused her death wasn’t an accident. She and Jasper were an experiment. I was hoping Maya was oblivious to everything….I wonder if she volunteered to do this, or if she didn’t realize it was an experiment until after? She shows the boy The Harvest Chamber, where all the Grounders are in cages. The boys are horrified. Maya senses this and tries to defend herself by saying, “Without the treatments, we’d die. What are we supposed to do?” Monty, who I’ve come to love with his short, but poignant, moments, responds, “Die.” Monty wants to escape, but Jasper states he will not leave the rest of the gang behind. Monty will volunteer to keep the Mountain Men at bay for now, until the day comes Clarke arrives to rescue them.

Moving to the underground subway station, Kane and Jaha are pretty rough off. Kane is going all ‘saw’ on us and trying to get his foot out of the shackle. Jaha is like Wells told me I had stuff to do down here and I doubt it was to just die, so chill Kane. Some Grounders come in, and their Commander tells them about Finn’s massacre of the village of old people and children. They assume Kane, as the leader of The Sky People, ordered the killing. They leave a knife, saying that one of the men must kill the other, as a consequence. For blood, there must be blood. They also leave a young Grounder named Lexa, to come tell them when the deed is done. Kane grabs the knife and looks as though he is about to attack Jaha, but instead hands him the knife and tells him that Jaha must kill him. He is the better leader to their people. Jaha refuses, and so Kane slices his own wrist. And this is the Kane from the first season I respected. Where the heck were you hiding Kane? Jaha demands that Lexa help save Kane, and after he uses her cloth to wrap Kane’s wrist, grabs Lexa and holds a knife to her throat. The other Grounders from earlier come in. Lexa suddenly grabs Jaha like he weighs nothing and whips him to the ground. Turns out, LEXA IS THE COMMANDER. What?!! She says she learned what she wanted to listening to the men talk. Kane’s intentions for peace are honourable. However, blood must have blood, and Jaha will be used to send a message.

Clarke and Bellamy are having a conversation about Finn, in a moment where it’s clear the two have INSANE respect for each other, when Raven comes up. Turns out camp Jaha can’t radio any of the other Ark stations that may be alive, because Mount Weather is jamming them. They decide to, As Raven puts it, make Mount Weather’s tower “go boom.” They bring the whole gang, Finn, who has been pardoned for murdering those Grounders since he assumed he was saving Clarke, Bellamy, Raven, Octavia, Abby, and a couple guards. The gang gets close to Mount Weather and sees the radio towers. They make camp, but Abby quickly realizes O and Bell are gone. She immediately asks Clarke where they went, and Clarke is like nu uh mom you’re going to have to learn we’re the leaders now, this is earth. Abby sends two guards to find the siblings, and Finn grabs a gun and says he wants to go with them. However, everyone gets shifty eyes at the sight of him holding a gun, so he has a fit and throws it to the ground, stalking off. Clarke goes after him, even though she’s been giving him ‘judgey‘ looks all day. BUT AHHH. ACID FOGGGGG!!!!!!!! Aw snap! Clarke and Finn are close to their old sexy time place, the bunker, and take cover. When they get down there, Clarke sees the bound Grounder who Finn murdered. She is in absolute shock. Their safe haven has been totally defiled. Finn, seeing her expression, quickly runs over and covers the body, but it’s too late. Finn tells her she’s looking at him like he’s the enemy. She tells him she isn’t, to which he responds, “Well, you don’t look at me the way you used to.” Bellarke shipper or not, that made me sad. Finn really is in a dark hole that will be nearly impossible to escape. How he will get redemption in Clarke’s eyes, I have no idea. He gives Clarke back her dad’s watch, and tells her that it was around the dead Grounder’s neck. Clarke realizes then Finn murdered for her. You can definitely see on her face how much this whole situation is tearing her apart. As they go to leave the bunker, Clarke tells Finn, “I don’t even know who you are anymore.” Finn’s lip quivers, and he collapses. My heart! He tells her, “Neither do I.” Clarke asks him, “What have we become?” Good question Clarke.

 So Octavia and Bellamy snuck away from the group to find a way into Mount Weather. The guards Abby sent find them. They’re all standing there talking when literally MILLIONS of roaches start running past them. Octavia is like ‘ohhhhhh crapppppp!’ and Bell sees the fog and yells to find cover. O notices the roaches are going under a door covered in leaves and moss. Bell and a guard pry the door open, and everyone, except one guard, gets inside before the fog can burn them alive. They realize they’re in a parking garage, probably where those who used to work in Mount Weather parked. They split up, and the guards search the cars. They find an MP3 player with a wind-up charger. “Carol of the Bells” starts playing, and the song will forever be ruined for The 100 fans when heard in real life. The guards are giggling, enjoying the music, when suddenly, REAPERS! Guys, I think at least once in every recap I write that. Bell and Octavia hear the fuss and see the guards being eaten by the Reapers. Suddenly, O realizes one of the Reapers is Lincoln. How awkward. Lincoln attacks them, and clearly has no idea who Octavia is. Bell and her hide in a car. Lincoln walks by it, and looks at himself in the reflection. He hits it, almost as if he just had a moment of clarity and was completely ashamed at what he had become. Bell understands Octavia’s love for Lincoln now, which left me extremely impressed, more so than even before, at how much his character has evolved. Using Octavia as bait, he takes Lincoln down with a shock baton, and says they will, “take him home”. One of our twitter followers said based on the synopsis for next week’s episode, “Long into An Abyss,” they believe they will take him to the drop ship. I think this is a very good guess.

The rest of the group have their tents in their packs with them so they have been saved from the acid fog as well. Abby and Raven are together in one, and Raven is working on a radio, She realizes she can hear sounds coming from one channel, the only one that isn’t jammed. She realizes this is because it’s Mount Weather’s channel, and after working through the kinks, gets to listen in on them. Through this, she finds out that the acid fog is actually the Mountain Men’s weapon. Now that they can listen in on their enemy, they decide they are better off not to blow up the tower. I like this scene, because Abby is freaking out about how Clarke is out there with no tent, and Raven is so calm. She knows her friends and she knows they’re warriors. She is just like Abby, k will you chill? They’re fine.

Everyone reunites at a rendezvous point they agreed upon earlier. SUDDENLY, Jaha comes stumbling out of the woods. He’s alive! I mean, of course he is, but I didn’t think we would be seeing him so soon! Abby’s like HOLY CRAP, and grabs him, totally dumbfounded how he is there and probably thinking she’s hallucinating. He tells them he has a message from the Commander. “Leave, or die. We have two days.”

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