Remember Me

Remember Me Recap

The 100 02×09

Written By:  Emily Breault

Originally Published: January 23rd, 2015

So many things happened in this episode I’m already preparing icepacks for my wrists.

The show starts and my heart is immediately already broken by Clarke’s hyperventilating sobs as she attempts to scrub Finn’s blood off her hands. Abby tries to console her, but isn’t much help. Lexa comes in and sits on her throne with Gustus and Indra. She tells Clarke some Grounders believe that Finn’s death was not enough justice because he did not die by their traditions. However, Lexa believes it was enough, because as she puts it, “What you did tonight will haunt you until the end of your days.” And it literally is, because Clarke is seeing Finn everywhere. One last thing though, Lexa wants to bring Finn’s body to the village of the people he slaughtered. Kane and Abby try to fight it and say Finn should be buried with his own people, but Clarke quickly agrees with Lexa. She tells Abby she needs this truce to be held up or killing Finn was for nothing. One of my favourite exchanges in the episode comes after this between Kane and Abby. Abby says, “They’re being led by a child,” to which Kane responds, “So are we.” THANK YOU KANE! I’ve only been yelling at you every episode, no adult can handle being a leader on the ground.

The Grounders and the Sky People all embark to the Grounder village with Finn’s body. Raven is pissed as hell at Clarke. Clarke is still hallucinating, as she saw Finn’s eyes open when they took his body, and is also seeing him in the forest. On the way there, a moment is had between Clarke and Bellamy that had Bellarke fans in a tizzy. Bellamy says they’re wasting time and says he should be going into Mount Weather to be an inside man. Clarke says no way, and Bellamy is like well you aren’t the boss of me. Clarke, in turn, responds, “I can’t lose you too.” A moment is also shared between Gustus and Lexa, in which Gustus says that this alliance will kill Lexa.

They get to the camp and Gustus takes all their weapons from them, including Raven’s. The Grounders are pissed they’re there however, and Gustus ends up beating one of them to a pulp.  Lexa is like you all better chill. They set up all the bodies in a pyre and Lexa gives Clarke the task of lighting it on fire, something that seems to be an honor because the Grounders’ eyes look like they’re about to pop. Clarke says “Your fight is over,” in Grounder language and this also causes the Grounders to look at her in shock.

Lexa and Clarke have a moment after the ritual, where Lexa tells her the story of someone she loved, a woman, who the “Ice Nation” kidnapped, tortured, and beheaded in an attempt to get Lexa’s secrets. AWESOME to have the first LGBT character on the show and IN LOVE with the fact it is Lexa! Not so great her girlfriend got beheaded. Also who is the “Ice Nation”? Canada? Cause I am definitely freezing my butt off up here right now. Lexa tells Clarke plainly, love is weakness, and there is no place for weakness when you are the leader of your people.

After all this, the Grounders and Sky People have a feast to celebrate. Kane even bring some alcohol. He gives it to Lexa who says she will share with Clarke. She pours them both a glass, and has Gustus try hers first.  Gustus falls over, and the Grounders yell “Poison!” Just like that, alliance over. Everyone is ready to fight, and the Grounders determine that the only person who would want Lexa dead is Raven, and Indra finds poison in Raven’s coat. The Grounders lock all The Sky People in the room while they go to determine their fate. Octavia tells Lincoln to do something, and he tries to talk to Indra saying, “let me speak for them” to which she responds, “You are them now.” Ouch. And that’s when shiraz hits the fan. Clarke tries to ask Raven if she did attempt to murder Lexa, and Raven responds by punching her and yelling “You’re the only murderer here.”. Raven is grieving, and in pain, but it is still heartbreaking to see the weight already on Clarke from Finn’s death get heavier. Clarke then hallucinates Finn again, and yells at him to leave her alone and he shouldn’t have gone to the camp. Raven just stares in disbelief as Clarke runs away to a corner. Abby goes to comfort her daughter, and tells her she understands, the meaning behind this statement being she also killed the man she loved, Clarke’s father, when she got him floated. Clarke erupts at this statement, saying that killing Finn was the only option. She comes to the realization, that her mother and her are similar, and it looks as though this makes her disgusted with herself.


Gustus is saved, and the Grounders come back. They have decided they will kill Raven, and everyone else will be set free. However, the peace truce is off and as Indra puts it, they better run. The Sky People watch as Raven is tied to a tree and the Grounders take turns slicing her with a knife. Clarke is hallucinating Finn again, and Abby is screaming at her that they need to run before the Grounders are done with Raven. Clarke suddenly has a moment of clarity looking at the goblet that is at Finn’s feet and runs outside. She tells the Grounders to fetch her the flask, and chugs it, for like, a while, in front of Lexa. Can’t blame the girl for needing some alcohol. Clarke is fine, and tells Lexa that the poison wasn’t from their alcohol, it was from the Lexa’s goblet. Bellamy realizes it was Gustus who did the deed, as he would do anything to protect Lexa, and he was worried the alliance would kill her. Lexa asks Gustus if this is true, and he tells her it is. They then take Raven down and tie Gustus to the tree, who is sliced again and again by his own people. I said on our twitter page I thought that after Raven was put in the same position as Finn, she might forgive and understand Clarke and it happened. As Gustus tells Lexa, “Be strong,” she puts the final sword in his heart and he dies. And with that, Clarke understands that she must be strong too. Love is weakness. She goes to Bellamy and the gang and says he is right, he needs to break into Mount Weather. One of the radio waves is working and playing a distress signal from The 47. There is no time to waste. He is confused because she seems so cold, and Raven and O stare at her like she’s lost her mind. But she gives Bell what he needs and sends him off. Me no likely heartless Clarke. She sends Finn’s hallucination away into the darkness. As she follows Lexa into her layer, Abby watches. You can tell she knows she’s watching her daughter walk into a darkness as well and feels hopeless.

All the while, the 47 in Mount Weather have been like wtf where is Harper. Maya has now totally joined their squad and still has googley eyes for Jasper. The gang smashes in a wall, set an alarm off, and find some wires that lead to the radio system. They go to hack in and send a distress signal, except of course the radio waves are jammed. We knew this, the 47 didn’t. Monty gets a looped message to play, but he needs to get to the control room to allow it to broadcast. He breaks in and gets the message out and then dresses up in one of the bubble boy suits to sneak out. He almost escapes but Cage and another security guard catch him leaving. The guard gets him to sign a code, but it isn’t the right one, leading the guard to the realization Monty isn’t who he thinks he is. He chases him down and strangles him until he loses consciousness. Monty then wakes up in a cage, and looks up. Harper is half dead above him, and tells him that there are 47 cages, one for each of them. Uh oh.