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Episode 02×16: Blood, Must Have Blood, Part Two

Blood, Must Have Blood Part Two Recap

The 100 02×16

Aired: March 11th, 2015

Written By: Evelyn Ulrich


As I recalled the wording that I used to describe the season finale preview in my last recap, I said, ‘brutal.’   Well, that does not even scratch the surface, and a huge understatement.  In fact, I don’t think that there is a word or words that can describe the season finale.  Yet, it was a grandeur of epic proportions.  I swear, that I went totally deadpan because it was the only way to breathe whilst watching, and writing this piece.   Strap yourselves in, because you are about to ride the roller coaster of emotion.

Before the titles and credits roll, our ‘City of Light’ seekers are halfway to being expired.  Murphy is tired, and his arm is injured, as they all are, but somehow, they are rowing a boat in the middle of dark waters.  Jaha decided to push his ‘I am Jesus, holier than thou’ role up to ‘God Almighty.’  Oh, crap.  That can’t be good, especially when you are trying to balance the line of insanity and logic.   As soon as the four of them spot land, by a speckle of light from a lighthouse, which is pretty damn exciting, a giant Kracken thing rises from the semi-still marine, and tips the boat, causing one of the guys to fall overboard and get gobbled up by this . . . this. . .creature.  Then, Jaha uses his new ‘God-like’ power and pushed Craig into the water.  The poor guy tries to swim for his dear life, but no avail.  Well, Murphy is beyond pissed about that, and screams at Jaha, of why he had done that.  At this point of the series, I really loved how the writers evolved Murphy as a character.   In the first season, Murphy was this broken kid who had mad-rage appetite for vengeance, and this season, he somewhat cares for humanity.  Notice that I used the term, somewhat, as he can still be a pain in the you know w-h-e-r-e.  Okay, well, Jaha responds, ‘We have to sacrifice a few to save the many.’  Uh, you had FOUR, and now, you are down to TWO, Jaha.  Either, I must really suck at math, or Jaha really went off the brink.  I get his point/theory, I do, but at this particular time, it does not fit.

Inside the isolated Reaper tunnels, Octavia is waiting for an explanation from whomever crosses her path.  Octavia, being Octavia, did a little exploring, and peers into a cart.  A split second later, a girl comes sliding down, dead, and lands into the cart.  It is Fox, one sweet ones, and when Octavia instantly realizes this, she quickly backs off.  Oh, poor sweet Fox!  Clarke then appears, and by the way O looks at her, well, it ain’t a welcome.  She is mad at Clarke for trusting Lexa, for letting a bomb drop on TonDC, and says that doing the best she can isn’t good enough.   These all very logical reasons, and I am going to add in one more.  Clarke let Bellamy be the ‘inside man’ at Mt. Weather, and he nearly DIES.  True, he volunteered, but it was like all of Clarke’s emotions clicked off even she dismissed him.  That was just my feeling though, but I can very easily see this happening.  Well, they are trying to figure out how to break into the door to gain access.  The girls didn’t need to figure it out for long because Bellamy opens the door from the inside.  Octavia is extremely glad to see her brother and she embraces him in a tight hug.   Then, it is another happy reunion when Jasper and Monty appear.  Yet, that happiness is quickly drained when Bellamy finds out that Clarke’s army has dissipated, just like his.  There is another problem too as Maya only has an ‘X’ amount of time with her oxygen levels as she is in a hazmat suit due to the high radiation levels.  So, the group disembarks, Bellamy and Clarke will seek Dante, and the others will aide Maya and risking the possibility of getting caught and killed.   Oh, what tension and such heavy weights on these young people.

Indra approaches Lincoln, who is not completely thrilled about being dragged off and leaving the Ski Kru behind to be slaughtered.  Lexa still believes that Lincoln that he has loyalty for her.  Newsflash!  He doesn’t, and thinks that she is a dishonor.   Yet, Indra reminds him that he is still Tri Kru, and he must make a choice of whether or not he wants to be a part of the clan.  Octavia made the choice to be alongside her big brother, Bellamy as he is her only family.  Brothers over boyfriends.  Keep in mind that Lincoln always wanted to be the ‘good guy,’ despite his very violent upbringing and training.   No matter what path he will choose to walk upon, it will affect his life.


In the large dining hall of Mt. Weather on Level Five, we see the very despicable President Cage Wallace stride around with a very sick grin on his face.  I have mentioned countless upon countless times in my previous recaps how much my skin crawls and blood turns white every time I see the guy on my screen.   Cage has to be one of the epitomes of pure evil.  Alright, he turns out that he is needed in the dorms, where the forty-seven are.  Uh-oh.  Whenever they cross paths with him, things are not super.  Now, here is where it gets quite gruesome, so if you are sensitive and get queasy with the violence that I am going to depict (Trust me, this is not a simple task as I am going to try to shut off my emotions), then by all means, feel free to stop reading.  For those who want more, then please continue.  One of the guards is already drilling for bone marrow (the solution to live above ground) in one of the kids, and it is just very unnerving.    My eyes had shifted back and forth as you do not want to watch it, but another part of you does.  Another guard brings in four more bone marrow victims, from Camp Jaha, and the prisoners along the walls witness the unveiling.  The first one is Monroe, then Lt. Miller, (Miller’s father), who is knocked out when he sees his son, and reacts to that in rage and fury, then it’s Kane, and then Abby.  All of them are petrified at this point, and will soon join the horror of extraction.  Of course, Abby is still deeply concerned about her daughter, and enquires about her.


“She is asking about Clarke,” Emerson says to Cage, who tells the worried mother that he apologetic that it had to come down to this.  I bet Abby would have punched him square in the jaw if she was not restrained.  I know that I would have. The next one is poor Raven, who went through the deep depths of hell this season, and now she has go through this monstrous act?  Well, Raven does not go without a fight, as she is fighting with every fiber of her wellbeing, and her beloved Wick is right beside her, trying to convince the guards to take him instead.  This falls on deaf ears, and *gasps* shock lashes her, and throw her down on the table. Yet, this girl has a power surge as she continues to fight, and does this really cool act of Vampirism, and just chomps down on the guard’s neck.  Sadly, her effort in defense is in vain because the second round of shock-lashing (the term alone just send shivers through my bones) knocks her out.  Okay, if anything happens to Raven, I swear that I will be very upset.  Just leave the poor girl alone.  The scene closes with her blood-curdling scream.

It looks like Bellamy, Clarke, and Monty whom are acting like they own the place, made it to Dante’s room without getting caught *takes a huge collective sigh of relief* so they can gain intel about Cage and the release of their people.  Yet, the old man is not going to compile, so Clarke and Bellamy take matters in their own hands and pull him to the Command Center with Monty.  From there, they are going to have security surveillance to Level Five, and when it gets down to that, you know that bad things will occur.

It appears that we are back to the boat with Jaha and Murphy.  They managed by some thin miracle to reach a desolate land spot with a functioning lighthouse.  Okay, I don’t understand how a lighthouse could still working electrically at this point, but it is.  Yet, while Jaha is still determine to

seek serenity in the ‘City of Light,’ Murphy is both physically and mentally deterred.  He really wants nothing to do with Jaha, and decides to stop following his orders, and survive on his own.  Good call there, because who can trust someone who’s nearly lost it?  Suddenly, the crazy little drone thing whirs again, and Jaha goes after it, promising that he will come back for Murphy.  After Jaha is out of sight and earshot, Murphy yells out one of the most classic one liners on the show, ‘Your promised land sucks!’  Yep, his conclusion is correct, and I never though in a million years that I would ever agree with Murphy!


Back at the Factory of Fear, aka Mount Weather and this is where things are going to get ballistic.  It will make your heart gravitate to your stomach.   That is how insane things are about to become.   Alright, Bellamy, Clarke, and Monty have Dante hostage as they reached the Command Center, and find out why he is not with the rest of his people on Level Five.  It turns out that it wasn’t Cage’s idea to release the Grounders, and prevent a bloodbath, it was his.  Although this goes against his morals, he still done it.  So, he feels that he does not deserve to be among them.  Or he does not want to witness the unspeakable horror that is unfolding.

Maya is out of oxygen, but she reaches to safety on Level Five.  Since Cage will find out sooner or later that she has abetted the 47, he will kill her.  So, Jasper and Octavia (who is by far, rocking total Grounder) decide to kill Cage themselves.  This will not be easy, but they are going to do whatever it takes to do so.  In the Command Center, Monty has total access to the monitors and control, and they are all seeing what is occurring.   On the screen, Bellamy recognizes Raven on the table, getting extracted, and yells at Dante to make the guards stop.  Of course, he doesn’t, but then Clarke takes the radio and gets Emerson.  She tells him to give the radio to the President, and luckily, he does.


“I have your father.  If you don’t let my people go, I’ll kill him,” Clarke threatens.  The color drains from Cage’s face as she spoke this, but he is unbelieved.   Surely, Clarke won’t do it?

“You won’t do it,” he says.

“You don’t know me very well,” Clarke responds darkly, and she momentarily hands the radio over to Dante, who tells him to keep on doing the extractions.  For those who are having a slight difficulty understanding, the people from the ARK (space) have bone marrow that will make the Mount Weather people survive and thrive on the ground, because the Arkers can metabolize the radiation exposure.  Back to the scene.  Clarke tries once again to make Cage release her people, but nope, he doesn’t.  So, she has to take her threat into action.  Bellamy is against it, completely, and begs her that they need him.  Yet, Clarke is desperate for Cage to believe her.

“Don’t make me do this,” she tells Cage for the last time. At this instant, Cage looks like he is considering that choice, but instead, he tells his father that he will take care of their people.

“None of us has a choice here, Clarke,” explains Dante as he watches Clarke point the gun at him.  He is nervous, but I think that he is going to take his fate.

“I didn’t want this,” she says coldly, so coldly that you can feel shivers down your spine.

“Neither did I,” was Dante’s last words, and Clarke assassinates him.  Oh, my God.  Did that just happen?  Did she really done that?  Bellamy and Monty stare at her in disbelief, and suddenly, they seem to want to back off.  But Clarke isn’t finished just yet, as she has one more threat up her sleeve.  This one is nothing like the first one, and probably goes against all aspects of humanity as we see it.  Maybe, maybe not, as there was some very horrible events in past history.

“Now, you listen to me very carefully,” Clarke begins.  “You let my people go, or I will irradiate Level Five.”  My breath is still in my lungs as I am trying to process what she just said, but can’t breathe.   I cannot even paint a mind picture as I try to imagine it.  The lengths that this young girl is going through just to get her people back is unfathomable.   Yet, I can understand.  Cage sends Emerson off to kill the group inside the Command Center, but clever Monty deactivated his key card.  Then, Bellamy and Clarke sees Cage go off to the dorms, and he takes over the drilling.  He orders that Raven needs to be taken off, and Abby will take her place.  Kane tries to convince Cage that they can all survive by donating bone marrow, and he can make it happen with Abby.  Cage does not accept the offer, as he desires ALL of the bone marrow.

Now, Bellamy, Clarke, and Monty are at their wit’s end because they need to decide whether or not to go and irradiate Level Five.  When that happens, then hundreds, excluding their people, will perish.  There are children involved (that will make it difficult for me because they have no clue what is circulating around them), and people who helped them, another giant blow.  Clarke sees her own mother get drilled, and she has to make a choice.

Jasper is extremely anxious as he is pacing around, and muttering the ‘what ifs.’  Sounds familiar, but Octavia politely, but firmly reminds him that ‘a warrior can’t worry about what he can’t control.’  Very good advice Octavia!  I miss Jasper and Octavia hanging together, and this was sweet, minus the evils lurking.  Through the door, Maya comes in with a rebel guard by the name of Lee, (one who is going to help them out), and she embraces Jasper in a hug.  When she tells him that the dam is being ignored, and the marrow drilling is now the main priority, Jasper decides it’s the time to act.  Octavia gives him advice on how to aim the throat, and the guard puts unlocked cuffs on Jasper (part of the plan), and takes him to the dorms.  Before he goes, he and Maya share a kiss, and he tells her that he loves her.  My heart, my poor heart is breaking at this captivating scene.  It’s not fair with what these people are going through!  It simply is not fair!

The sun beams down on Murphy, and now we can see how bad his arm is injured.  That is not the point though.  He gets up and scans his area.  In the light, the lighthouse is a beautiful, strong architecture that also seems very ominous.  It has survived nuclear wars, and it now abandoned, but still very much intriguing.  Murphy uncovers of what appears to be a solar panel, and I think that is how the electricity in the lighthouse worked.  He continues exploring the tower, and he winds up opening the double doors.  He enters in, and is taken aback by all the glorious things that is around.  It is like a treasure chest, and I am just crazy in love with the 1960s art deco.  Great colors, attractive to the eye, and I feel I went into a night club.  One could get used to this lifestyle.  Murphy continues to enjoy his finding, and to celebrate, he pours himself a shot of ancient whiskey.  When you come across ‘The Promised Land,’ you got to celebrate in style.

Octavia is keeping guard, and Maya talks to her about The ARK, and wishes that she could see it.  She might if they can get her there and she can reside in the airlock.  It is not a glamorous life, but at least she could live.  There is hope and a chance for Maya.  A couple spots Octavia and panics, and Octavia goes after them.  The guards soon follow, and Octavia, who went to chasing bright, blue and purple sparkling butterflies, is now sword fighting with these broods.  Talk about a major character arc, as this is one of the best in the series.  Bellamy, Clarke, and Monty are still in the Command Center, as they watch Bellamy’s little sister on the monitors.  Then, they see Jasper in the dorms, and they now need to make the choice.  What do they do?  Well, Monty entered the code in to irradiate Level Five, and all they need to do now is pull the lever.  Octavia is caught by the guards in the dining room, and that was the moment of truth for Bellamy.  For Clarke, it was her mother.

“My sister, my responsibility,” Bellamy whispers.  He always promised to take care of her, to look after her no matter what.  Clarke has her hand on the lever, and if you ship Bellamy and Clarke together (Bellarke), then you are going to have a major ‘feel day’ of what I am going to say.  By the way, I support each and every ship on this show! Bellamy places his hand, his brave, strong hand atop of hers, and together they pull down the lever.  This indefinitely starts the irradiation process, and the propellers are going in reverse, circulating radiated air inside the mountain.  As Jasper releases himself from the wall, and is going to murder Cage, the breech sirens start to blare.   For graphic content, I am not going to depict what will come in the next few minutes, but I can confidently tell you that it is very tragic and devastating.   Jasper runs out to find Maya, who passes away in his arms, and he is absolutely shattered.  I am too, because I really loved Maya.  I suspected her at first, but if you know me, I suspect everyone, but all for good intentions at the end.  Bellamy and Clarke still cannot fathom the culmination of what they done, but they did what they had to do.  Oh yeah, Emerson is the only Mount Weather survivor because he is fully treated and can now survive on the ground.   Back to Bellamy and Clarke; they exited out the Center and went to get their people.  Octavia is already at the dorms, and she is freeing Kane, who then frees Abby.  Clarke scans the dining room with Bellamy and Monty, and they find a very heartbroken Jasper who is still in tears.  He is beyond angry and sad with all three of them, but Clarke explained that they had no choice, with Bellamy adding that it would have never stopped.  However, they are very much guilt-ridden, and they will have to live with this for the rest of their lives.

In the dorms, Clarke runs to her mother and hugs her, relief washing over her as Abby is okay.  They are both crying, happy to be together again, happy to be alive, to be free of the terror.  When Clarke told her mother that she tried to be the good guy, her mother replies, “Maybe, there are no good guys.”   Soon, everyone around them are reuniting: Wick carrying an injured Raven (Can we leave the poor girl alone now?), Miller and his father, who seems bewildered at first, but again, so relieved, Monty hugging Harper, and Kane complimenting Bellamy that he did good.  Remember how Kane was a complete jerk to Bellamy in the first episode this season?  I still have not forgotten, but what a transformation in the finale.  When Octavia asks where Cage is, the group seems to be confused.  Where did that creep go?  He is running away through the forest from it all, like the coward he is.  Lincoln comes across his path from the shadows, and Cage bribe him with the Reaper Red.  Instead of taking it, Lincoln slashes off Cage’s hand, and then injects the stuff in his jugular.

“The first dose is the hardest,” Lincoln repeats the words to him.  After a few jerky movements, Cage stills.  It is the end of a monstrous chapter and its leader.  Or is it?  I have been hearing many different theories that Cage is still alive, but I personally think he is gone.  What do I know though?  That can only be absolved in the upcoming season.

At Camp Jaha, with a beautiful cover of Bob Dylan’s ‘Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door’ performed by Raign streaming in the background, the people are waking up from their twisted nightmare, and reuniting with everyone.  Kane is carrying Abby on a stretcher as she is too weak to walk, and Jasper is so delighted to see her.  He helps Kane get her to medical.  We then see Miller and Miller walk in, then Lincoln (he is one of them), and Octavia, then Wick and Raven, who hands Jasper his goggles, in which he hadn’t seen since the season one finale.  It is a splendid and refreshing reunion!  Clarke is consoling Monty by hugging him, and he then enters camp.  Clarke is beside herself, and cannot seem to cope with what she had done.  Up next comes one of the most spectacular character parallels in TV, and pulls the heart strings of Bellarkers.  Bellamy gives Clarke forgiveness as she done to him in season one, episode eight, Day Trip.  He is on the verge of tears, and he is trying his hardest to get her go inside the camp.  This is both on them, but she feels the guilt most of all.

“I bear it so they don’t have to,” Clarke tells him as she explained what she had to do to get them home.  Get ready for this as Clarke gives him one last hug, and then kisses Bellamy on the cheek.   It is only a peck, but who knows what this could blossom into?  My heart cannot take anymore, and the look on Bellamy’s face is just pure devastation.  God only knows how he is feeling inside!

“May we meet again,” she tells him.  She breaks ways from his embrace (Why, Clarke, why?), and starts on a new journey for herself.  She leaves Bellamy, her mother, and the rest of Camp Jaha behind.  Where is she going?  We do not know.  What is she going to do?  Again, we don’t know.  Who is she going to encounter?  The future will only tell.  Whatever road she heads down to, may it bring her a safe and peaceful passage.

At the light house, Murphy is watching a personal video of a young man who has failed at stopping a woman not to end it, and the outcome is graphic because he cannot live with himself and commits suicide.  Um, what?  Poor Murphy is in complete shock and doesn’t know how to process this.  I don’t think he will be the same.

Jaha is still chasing down the droid, and he ends up at a house that appears to be an old Southern plantation, but the inside looks like a hotel lobby, with the same 1960s art deco.

“Curiouser and curiouser,” he implies as he walks in.  There is a pretty woman in a red dress name A.L.I.E, who is excited to see him, but Jaha is confused.  She tells him that this is his destiny, and she takes him to show him his ‘gift.’  It is the missile that he came to Earth in, and she simply tells him, “We got work to do.”  With that, the finale closes and like the season one finale, it leaves us with astronomical questions and theories.

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen.   A phenomenal and spectacular closure to a phenomenal and spectacular season!  It toyed with our hearts, minds, and souls, and hell, our wellbeing, but it definitely blew out of us out of the water.  Nothing is to be expected when it comes down to The 100, as everyone involved does an awesome job with keeping our toes curled.  Now, the real challenge is waiting for the premiere of season three which will debut hopefully in January 2016.

May we meet again!