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The 100 The Dark Year Sneak Peeks And Inside The Episode

The 100 The Dark Year

The 100 The Dark Year will be an episode where things may get a little raw and real.  The events of The Dark Year will be exposed, and Clarke will find a way to give much-needed help to her mother.  On the warpath, Octavia is as persistent as ever and people are finding her to be intolerable.  I don’t want to give away too much, so until then, enjoy the sneak peeks and the Inside the Episode.

The 100 The Dark Year Sneak Peek One


Sneak Peek Two


Sneak Peek Three


Inside The Episode


Brief Preview:

Many conflicts of beliefs and conscience morals will be much be tested.  There will be struggles among relationships, and hope for a new one.  Octavia may never see the light and all hope for her may be doomed.  Madi, Clarke, and Abby will have a family moment and will hit our hearts.  There will be detail-filled flashbacks of the bunker and why it was called The Dark Year.

The 100 The Dark Year will air tonight at 8/7 CT.

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