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The 100 The Dark Year Official Trailer And Photos

The 100 The Dark Year

We will finally know what had happened during The 100 The Dark Year!  The eleventh episode of season five will air this Tuesday and will answer theories that one could think of.  Also, the link to Octavia’s mad ominousness will also be clicked.  Check out the trailer for The 100 The Dark Year as well as the promotional photos.

The 100 The Dark Year Official Trailer


The Dark Year Promotional Photos

Access the full album


Access the full album


The Dark Year was the episode that was screened on preview night at Comic-Con 2018.  We will see just how carnivorous things may get and Abby’s turning point.

Will you be watching The 100 The Dark Year?  Be sure to check back for the sneak peeks and Inside the Episode.

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