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The 100 Shifting Sands Official Trailer And Promo Stills

The 100 Shifting Sands

The 100 Shifting Sands, airing Tuesday, will indeed have shifting forces and tensions among everyone.  It’ll be another fast-tracked episode, along with some unexpected events.  While we cannot watch it now, hopefully, the trailer and the promo stills will ease the wait.

The 100 Shifting Sands Official Trailer


The 100 Shifting Sands Promo Stills

Access the Full Album



Access the Full Album

As I did not screen this episode, it’ll be a great gift to open!  I want to know what is to come with the characters and who can resist Charmaine?  She is becoming the loveable bad girl, and we simply cannot get enough of her!

The 100 Shifting Sands will air Tuesday, May 21st, on the CW.

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