With The 100 season four premiere date not yet released, we got some very exciting spoilers today about the upcoming season.   These pieces of news floated on Twitter from referenced sources who got to go behind the scenes and interview the cast.

I am going to put my insights and thoughts down after I show you the news from Twitter.


From @The100Season4 on Twitter


From @InsideThe100 on Twitter


From @TVWatchTower on Twitter

I believe that this will be a power fourth season, as everyone is trying to comprehend what to do and trying to survive a world nuclear meltdown.  One of the things for sure in the upcoming season is the plight of new characters.  We will get to see even more clans as well such as the Glowing Forest, and the Shallow Valley.  Also, as Zack McGowan became as series regular, we will see Roan become a fierce king.

The 100 is very clamped about spoilers, and while that is not necessarily a bad thing, the impatience is brutal.

Photos of the press day will soon be up!

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