The 100 Grounder Anthem (Take A Life With Me) By Tree Adams and Julia Dominczak

During the Coalition Summit at Polis, there was lovely, spine-tingling music.  How can you have a ball or a summit without music?  Thanks to Soundcloud, and The 100 crew, here is the Grounder Anthem (Take A Life With Me), composed by Tree (Adams) Jenkins, sung by the talented Julia Dominczak (pictured left), and was featured in last night’s Ye Who Enter Here episode.

I now have it for you right here!  Lyrics in English follows, courtesy of Jason Rothenberg.






Title: Grounder Anthem (Take a Life With Me)

Composer and performer: Tree Jenkins, Julia Dominczak

Album: The 100 Soundtrack

Description:  “Grounder Anthem (Take a Life With Me)” from The 100 Soundtrack by Tree Jenkins and Julia Dominczak. Released: 2016. Genre: Soundtrack.

If you have a browser extension/add-on (I use Chrome and Edge), that enables media downloads, you can download it here.  Enjoy!

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