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The 100 Acceptable Losses Sneak Peeks And Inside The Episode

The 100

After a two-week break, The 100 is back on with an episode with Acceptable Losses.  Written by Jeffery Vlaming, the episode gravitates around the happenings of Exit Wounds.  In case you are a bit impatient, here are three sneak peeks, along with Inside the Episode.

The 100 Acceptable Losses Sneak Peek One  

Sneak Peek Two


Sneak Peek Three


Inside The Episode


Brief preview:  This appears to be an episode that will zoom in on Echo and Raven, as well as Bellamy’s discontent for Octavia.  The plot that is really intriguing is the Madi and Octavia dynamic.  I have a feeling that Octavia won’t hold her promise and will use Madi for her own dark desires.

The 100


The 100 Acceptable Losses will air tonight.

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