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Fan Frenzy

Grounders Source wants to encourage all The 100 fans to submit related articles, fan art, fan encounter stories and photos, videos, and/or fan fictions of the series to the site.  Then, they will be posted right here on! This is what makes Grounders Source different and more interesting than all other fan sites out there (not saying that others are bad because they are not), but I believe that this is fun because The 100 has such an amazing fan base and what better way to show support by incorporating fan submissions to the fan site?  Here is what you ( the fans) can do!

∞ Articles (News and updates and ‘special‘ things will be covered by the administrator)

∞ Fan Fictions (one shot is recommended)

∞ Original fan art

∞ Fan Videos

∞ Fan encounters and photos

Everything stated above has to be The 100 related.  Bear in mind that anything like bashing or being cruel is unacceptable.  I value perspectives, but when you are putting someone down, then that is a whole other story.

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