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Emori And Luna Will Appear In Season Four

As we heard before, popular characters Emori and Luna will appear in season four of The 100.  However, we did not when they will be popping up during the season.  However, it is always fun to find out.


Emori (Luisa d’ Oliviera) will be in the first episode of the season, entitled Echoes, and will more than likely show up more thereafter as she is the love interest of John Murphy.  I cannot wait for more Memori!

Luna (Nadia Hilker) will be shown in the second, yet-to-be-titled episode.  Whether or not the grounder pacifist will have a larger role is still in question.  Let’s hope that she does!

And, in you missed it, Echo (Tasya Teles) and Indra (Adina Porter) will also be reprising in season four.



The 100 season four will air January 2017 on the CW.

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