Media Partnership With Conageddon

Grounders Source is thrilled to announce that they’ve established a mutual media partnership with the first ever US The 100 convention, Conageddon!  This unique convention will be held during the St. Patrick’s Day weekend, March 16th-18th in Boston, Massachusetts.  The venue will be on the harbor, at the Hilton Logan Boston Airport Hotel.   There will be parties, the whole VIP treatment, and so much more.

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Christmas Inheritance

@MisElizaJane Glows In Christmas Inheritance

This past weekend, Christmas Inheritance premiered on the streaming service Netflix, starring Eliza Taylor.  While the movie is your typical-run-of-the-mill holiday leisure, Eliza was the one who made it delightful and fun.  See my review below about Christmas Inheritance *The following article contains spoilers.*

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Eliza Taylor

Eliza Taylor Attends Thumper Movie Premiere

On Sunday, October 30th, Eliza Taylor attended the premiere of her new film, Thumper in Los Angeles.  Donning a black suit with shorts, Eliza was all smiles at her premiere.  Not only that, she expressed her great range of talent portraying a drug-riddled teen, Kit Carter in the film.  Furthermore, there are over forty photos added in the gallery and you can get access to them below.

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Eliza Taylor

Eliza Taylor And Her Birthday Project

October 24th is the Brave Princess’s birthday, and Grounders Source has invited The 100 fandom (Or Eliza fans), to be a very special part of it!  As any The 100 fan knows, Eliza Taylor portrays the strong, compassionate, and self-sacrificing Clarke Griffin.  In reality, though, Eliza is her own shining example of making life about just more than surviving.

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Eliza Taylor And Isla

Eliza Taylor And Isla

Many of you has helped Eliza Taylor raise $100,000 to build a non-profit school in Thailand so that the children there can have the opportunity to learn and have a great education.  It was a success, and now the children can have a future.  There is no easy way to word this, but her little friend, Isla who lives in Thailand has leukemia.  As blunt and terrible as that sounds, there is a ray of hope for this brave little girl.

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