Bellamy Blake

The 100 Bellamy Blake: Man Of Reason

The 100‘s Bellamy Blake (Bob Morley) has been well-defined to be a man who knows how to survive in a brutal, post-apocalyptic world.  He values the life of his people has been redeemed for his sins and opened up his mind and eyes to the situations unfolding before him.  It’s without a doubt that Bellamy Blake is one of the most well-written characters on current television.  With season 5 in full-fledge, he has tackled many new events.  But who or what exactly is Bellamy Blake?

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Media Partnership With Conageddon

Grounders Source is thrilled to announce that they’ve established a mutual media partnership with the first ever US The 100 convention, Conageddon!  This unique convention will be held during the St. Patrick’s Day weekend, March 16th-18th in Boston, Massachusetts.  The venue will be on the harbor, at the Hilton Logan Boston Airport Hotel.   There will be parties, the whole VIP treatment, and so much more.

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Christmas Inheritance

@MisElizaJane Glows In Christmas Inheritance

This past weekend, Christmas Inheritance premiered on the streaming service Netflix, starring Eliza Taylor.  While the movie is your typical-run-of-the-mill holiday leisure, Eliza was the one who made it delightful and fun.  See my review below about Christmas Inheritance *The following article contains spoilers.*

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Battle of the Bands

The 100 “Praimfaya” Rocks At The Battle Of The Bands

On Saturday, November 25th, the 4th Annual Hunkerdown Xmas Showdown took place at the Maritime Labour Centre located in Vancouver.  The concert was to benefit Instruments Beyond Borders, Insite Safe Injection Site, and Cinefuego.  Fans attended to see performances by bands in the television industry, including Arrow, Supernatural, The Flash, Riverdale, and of course, The 100.  At the end of the night, there can be only one winner to take home the trophy of the coveted “Battle of The Bands.

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Christopher Larkin

The 100 Christopher Larkin Releases New Solo Album

Christopher Larkin is known for his uncompromised role and characterization of Monty Green, the young engineer on The 100.  A fan favorite since the beginning, Monty has gone through some dark and harsh times on the post-apocalyptic series, and will probably go through even more harsh times in the upcoming season five, premiering in early 2018.

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Eliza Taylor

Eliza Taylor Attends Thumper Movie Premiere

On Sunday, October 30th, Eliza Taylor attended the premiere of her new film, Thumper in Los Angeles.  Donning a black suit with shorts, Eliza was all smiles at her premiere.  Not only that, she expressed her great range of talent portraying a drug-riddled teen, Kit Carter in the film.  Furthermore, there are over forty photos added in the gallery and you can get access to them below.

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The 100

Announcing Con-Geda’s Fourth Guest

Grounders Source has learned Con-Geda’s next confirmed guest, and are quite excited.  But, here are a few clues to see if you can figure them out. This person has had an incredible character arc over the course of four seasons of The 100; they can survive in any given situation; they have been arrested for theft.  Give up?  You can see who they are below.

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