The 100 Sizzler Reel

While there was not any new material shown at The 100 Comic Con panel Friday, the fans were shown a sizzler reel that contained pivotal footage of the past three seasons.  Those past three seasons, The 100 managed to kill off and conquered their enemies, won wars, and trying to figure out the right things for everyone.  But now, comes an enemy that cannot be fought, cannot be forgiven, and will change everyone’s course of life forever.  All that people can do is pray and hope.  But, will hope be enough?

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The 100 Perverse Instantiation Part Two Top Ten Moments

This season, and the past seasons, The 100 has delivered some pretty epic and intense moments on our small screens. In fact, lots of those moments left us on the brink of our seats, our hearts beating a mile a minute, and the little squeals in the back of your throat just wanting to escape.  Ha!  I don’t mean to sound cheesy, but I think that we can all agree on this.  We are only human.

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