Blake Siblings

Will The Blake Siblings Be Broken In Season 5?

One of the more gripping narratives of The 100 are the Blake siblings.  As we all know, Octavia was born illegally as a second child in a populace-restricted ARK, and because of this, Aurora Blake (Bellamy’s and Octavia’s mother) was floated.  Despite the scandal, the Blakes are the prime definition of family. Bellamy may have had bumps in the road watching out for his sister, but that is pretty much a  given when it comes to raising kids.  Yet, the Blakes survived the harshest of situations with or without the other.  The last time bro and sis saw one another was when they were on the radio in the fourth season finale.  With six full years surpassed, the narrative will take on a shifting course between the two.

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Octavia Blake: Road To Destruction?

Octavia Blake, fan-favored heroine and now rumored assassin of The 100 has evolved rather drastically over the course of three seasons. With the death of Lincoln (Rick Whittle), difficulty finding her place in the world, (Not Trikru, not Skaikru), and trying to break ties with her older brother Bellamy, Octavia will have to deal with the trauma her own way.

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Marie Avgeropoulos On KTLA Morning News

On Monday, July 25th, Marie Avgeropoulos was on KTLA morning news, and she discusses her darkening role of Octavia Blake on The 100, and her new kick-ass character on Crackle’s zombie flick Dead Rising: End Game, Sandra Lowe.  See what she says in this video from KTLA News, that is based in Los Angeles.

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