Bellamy Blake

The 100 Bellamy Blake: Man Of Reason

The 100‘s Bellamy Blake (Bob Morley) has been well-defined to be a man who knows how to survive in a brutal, post-apocalyptic world.  He values the life of his people has been redeemed for his sins and opened up his mind and eyes to the situations unfolding before him.  It’s without a doubt that Bellamy Blake is one of the most well-written characters on current television.  With season 5 in full-fledge, he has tackled many new events.  But who or what exactly is Bellamy Blake?

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Blake Siblings

Will The Blake Siblings Be Broken In Season 5?

One of the more gripping narratives of The 100 are the Blake siblings.  As we all know, Octavia was born illegally as a second child in a populace-restricted ARK, and because of this, Aurora Blake (Bellamy’s and Octavia’s mother) was floated.  Despite the scandal, the Blakes are the prime definition of family. Bellamy may have had bumps in the road watching out for his sister, but that is pretty much a  given when it comes to raising kids.  Yet, the Blakes survived the harshest of situations with or without the other.  The last time bro and sis saw one another was when they were on the radio in the fourth season finale.  With six full years surpassed, the narrative will take on a shifting course between the two.

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The 100

Women Rule The World On The 100

When it comes to real-life scenarios, the fight for all things freedom and survival, and the journey not only to find a connection with others but among themselves, The 100 is strongly known for that.  Since its beginning, however, it also provided strong female leads and adjoining, breaking barriers that were often given to men several years ago, and still, continues to do just that.  This is vital as women struggle to find their voice and embodiment, but in the new age, we are successfully succeeding.   There is a major slew of characters that we can learn and inspire by, and find a purpose to avail.

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Jasper Jordan

Jasper Jordan: Mental Illness Becomes Real

In reflection of tonight’s all new episode of The 100, entitle The Other Side,  I have written a piece about one of the main characters, Jasper Jordan.  In the article, it surmises his struggle with mental illness, and how Devon Biostick projected him so well in the series.  Please read on and let me know what you think.  *The following piece will contain discussions of mental illness and suicide.  Reader and viewer discretion is strongly advised.*

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