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Bobby Morley & Beyond Blue Campaign For Mental Health

We all know that mental health is incredibly important and is something worth fighting for.  It is also something that is a large part of my life personally as I cope with Major Depression, an eating disorder, self injury (I

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The 100 Creator Tweets New Season Three Promotional Still

On Wednesday, September 2nd, The 100 executive producer, Jason Rothenberg released a brand new The 100 Season Three promotional photo through Twitter (Rothenberg’s Twitter).  The photo is of the show’s main female protagonist, Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor) in war paint

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The 100 Top 10: Saddest Scenes

You tweeted and ‘tumbled’ the top ten ‘saddest scenes’ of The 100, and here they are!  Now, there are an unlimited heartbreaking pieces, and I wish I could list them all.  But, here they are!  They are in no particular

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Gallery Update and Fan Frenzy Zone Coming Soon!

Just a quick update that I have uploaded several photos this week (never ending) in the gallery!  I made the decision to add social media pictures to add for those who do not have access to them *ahem* my mother

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New Gallery Updates

During the past week, I’ve been vigorously uploading photos to the photo gallery. I have added the following albums: Eliza Taylor for Regard and Bello Magazines.  They are two separate albums. Marie Avgeropolous for Bello Magazine Alycia Debnam-Carey for Fear